CRM checklist

Checklist for a successful CRM implementation

CRM should not be considered as a static data repository that remains stuck in the company's legacy system without regular updates.

When it comes to CRM for digital transformation, what factors should you consider?


What is CRM?

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CRM(Customer Relationship Management) refers to the strategies and methodologies that businesses employ to effectively manage their relationships with customers. By integrating the organization's business processes and information systems around the customer, CRM maximizes understanding of customers and enables efficient management of interactions with them. Through CRM, businesses can identify customer needs and preferences and enhance customer satisfaction by providing tailored products and services. Additionally, CRM helps maintain and strengthen customer relationships, improve customer loyalty, and drive long-term business growth. It plays a crucial role in enhancing a company's competitiveness and has become an essential tool in the modern business environment.

Time to introduce

How long does it take to introduce CRM?

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The duration of implementing CRM can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the company, complexity of the business, and compatibility with existing systems. Generally, the process of implementing CRM can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

First, there is a step of analyzing the company's requirements and goals, followed by selecting the necessary CRM solution. Then, during the phase of purchasing and building the chosen solution, tasks such as system configuration, data migration, and user training are included. Finally, the solution undergoes testing and optimization to ensure that the CRM system operates smoothly.

CRM checklist

Three considerations for CRM adoption

Three considerations for CRM adoption

Harness the power of dynamic data through CRM.

"We strongly recommend Hyundai Automotive Group to adopt Cloud CRM."
Boston Consulting Group

In late 2019, consulting firm BCG recommended that companies belonging to the top 5 domestic conglomerates introduce cloud CRM not only to survive but also to thrive in an increasingly uncertain environment.

These companies were able to successfully implement and establish cloud CRM after understanding the shift from static data to dynamic data in terms of customer management, innovation, sales productivity, revenue growth, and profit securing.

Even now, your channel is creating interactions and engagement with customers.

By acquiring and utilizing dynamic data via cloud CRM, you can connect various touchpoints with customers and enable customer-oriented innovation and business activities.

Three considerations for CRM adoption

CRM for everyone

Customer relationships are easily managed in one place

It's time to have all the details of your customer relationships easily managed in one place, allowing you to effectively follow up. Take control of your entire sales pipeline and address all customer issues. Monitor website activity of your contacts and identify new potential customers visiting your site.

Even while you're sleeping, you can generate new leads. Enhance your relationship with customers by creating personalized emails in bulk. Convert website visitors into verified leads by adding forms to your site. Keep track of the number of new contacts and monitor all tasks and activities that shape your customer relationships.

Intuitive sales pipeline information

Get complete sales pipeline information from an intuitive dashboard. Monitor and track sales activities, productivity, and individual sales representative performance to coach your team.

Use a CRM from a high-usage sales team to make the most of your deals with less effort. Utilize features that automatically enhance your data with global company information for time-saving benefits.

Focus on more valuable customers

Customize your sales pipeline to align with your sales process, easily sort within the pipeline, and receive notifications according to your closing schedule. Manage your calls, emails, video meetings, and notes effortlessly. Save time on cold calls and uncover where your process may be stalled.

Sync your Gmail and Outlook for real-time customer communication. Receive instant notifications when high-potential leads open emails and send one personalized message from a selection of saved templates. Make calls through VoIP. Send meeting reservation links through your sales representative's calendar and conduct online meetings.

Lead generation that lasts 24 hours

Continuously generate fresh leads. Build professional pages with a landing page builder, drive more visitors to your site using advertising management tools, and expand your database by converting visitors into leads. Automatically construct and observe the actions of potential customers. Increase conversion rates by creating chatbot scenarios for real-time communication with visitors.

Utilize data to create and manage personalized emails. Analyze which emails, web pages, offers, and traffic sources drive conversions. Gain insights into the trends of lead visits and site navigation to nurture visitors into buyers and optimize the customer experience.

Manage customer issues in one centralized place

Utilize ticketing, chat, and team email to engage in real-time communication with customers and relevant departments for customer consultations. Manage all customer messages and automatically assign representatives in one centralized location. Improve response times to prioritize resolving customer issues. Utilize tickets to organize and track all customer problems on a dashboard. Prepare templates and pre-made responses for common customer inquiries. Enhance customer service through in-depth reports showcasing ticket count, support categories, response times, and wait times.

Effortless data management and integrations

Enable the marketing team to generate leads automatically and empower the sales team to save time using sales tools. Easily extract customers and allow them to instantly fill out forms, resulting in increased sales and reduced time investment. Integrate various global apps like Slack or Surveymonkey to streamline daily app usage.

Effortlessly manage and enrich the database with data attributes that seamlessly connect with customer-generated data and website activity. Monitor key metrics whenever necessary. Keep track of new lead counts and track all activities that establish relationships with current customers.

Three considerations for CRM adoption

Functions aligned with growth

CRM introduction

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