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Persona marketing building block

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"Customers do not care about what you say until they know you care about them.'
Persona development

Pain points and CTA

"Advocates will either keep coming back for more or enthusiastically recommend your brand to their friends."
Nurturing Advocates

Persona marketing goals

"Instant gratification is just one click away, but no purchase is made with only a single click."
Customer journey

Touchpoints on the Customer Journey

What is Persona marketing?

Persona marketing helps businesses engage digital customers with personalized content and ideal profiles.

Businesses must continuously secure advocate customers in order to achieve more sales and sustainable growth. The need for a strategy to identify advocate customers and delight them is crucial.

Customers expect a high-quality experience at all diverse touchpoints of a business. The strategy to turn customers into advocates focuses on understanding the purchase journey of potential advocates and delivering a high-quality experience across their diverse touchpoints.

Firstly, plan digital growth strategy elements, market segments, personas, customer journey, storytelling, data collection, and analysis, and introduce Agile Marketing as an operational process.

Secondly, a customer database and pipeline should be created to nurture persona advocates. Strategic content based on persona-specific topics should be developed. An automation system using real-time CRM should be built to track persona behavior.

Lastly, monitor and analyze persona feedback, apply insights through data analysis, and strengthen internal capabilities for sustainable growth.

Persona Marketing

Building block details

Innovation through marketing, growth via marketing.

Persona CRM marketing process

A strategy to deeply understand and intelligently engage with customers

Step 1

Understanding the intent of growth

We identify the purpose and goals of your digital growth, analyzing the gap between the current situation and the future vision.

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Step 1
Step 2

Recommendations for Direction

We will provide solutions to key issues through gap analysis and discuss the necessary agendas for their implementation with your company.

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Step 2
Step 3

Project Kickoff

Establish goals for the agreed-upon key agenda and outline specific tasks and schedules to progress them.

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Step 3
Step 4

Building Blocks for Success

We construct the building blocks such as customer personas, persona content, personalized scenarios, and key automation tools necessary for project success.

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Step 4
Step 5

Operating and optimizing Building Blocks

We operate successful Building Blocks and continuously optimize them based on data. Regularly report insights on key metrics.

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Step 5
Persona marketing

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