Personalized marketing
building block

Successful personalized marketing should consist of '5C' building blocks.
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Critical Success Factors

5Cs for building block

Establish your Personalized Marketing building blocks 5C.

  • Create Goals and strategies for the inevitable growth in an uncertain digital environment
  • Customer: Secure and nurture customers
  • Content: Personalized content and channel
  • Context: Understand the reason why and real-time engage through automation
  • Capability: Innovate to strengthen internally and externally
Personalized marketing building block

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Digital growth consulting and capability enhancement program

Experienced consultants from global consulting firms help establish digital growth strategies, and customer insight and data experts from global research firms support marketing persona development.

As a sustainable operation process, we support agile marketing methodologies and competency-building programs.

Persona digital content development and optimization for your growth

Professional digital content marketers are responsible for planning, developing, operating, and managing persona content necessary for digital marketing.

Build a transition pipeline from acquiring personas to nurturing advocates. Define digital touchpoints and develop content according to strategic topics appropriate to your persona.


Data insights and marketing technology stack

A team of engineers with rich technology experience in business solution development  projects such as ERP, CRM, Cloud and API builds the process and infrastructure for execution.

We design customer database and build automation system based on behavior-based CRM and event analysis.

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