Bloomreach Discovery

AI-powered products discovery for the fastest ROI

Bloomreach Discovery harnesses the power of Loomi, the industry's top AI for e-commerce, to deliver impact faster than any other product search solution.

Bloomreach Discovery

Immediate ROI improvement

Personalized Search, Product recommendation and eCommerce SEO.

Site Search

Understand customer intent through Bloomreach's search engine. Our technology delivers accurate results to customers, generating more conversions and revenue.


Personalized Search

Utilize both past behavior and current session data to categorize customers instantly and provide tailored experiences. Boost ROI with quicker results, potentially increasing revenue per visitor by up to 8.5%.


Strategic Merchandising

Prioritize the top sales opportunities. By cutting operational tasks in half, you free up more time for strategic planning. Take advantage of the integrated A/B testing to guarantee that any modifications align perfectly with your e-commerce platform.


Product Recommendations

Customize product suggestions to align with customer preferences for a boost in upselling and cross-selling earnings. Streamline the process by utilizing quick recommendations such as "Popular Products," or opt for rule-based recommendations to implement targeted tactics.


Automated SEO

Enhance your link structure and bridge any content gaps on your current pages to boost organic site traffic. This will lead to improvements in your keyword rankings and revenue.


Bloomreach Discovery

The most advanced website product search

Day '0' Learning

Gain an immediate advantage over your competitors by utilizing the largest e-commerce dataset without having to wait for the pixel to learn your customers' behavior.

Harnessing Extensive Industry Experience

Bloomreach has learned from the largest B2C and B2B sellers across every industry. Bloomreach have ready-to-go solutions for your challenges — no customization required.

Increase efficiency with Smart Merchandising.

Save 30-50% more time with Bloomreach. Spend less time diagnosing issues and waiting for IT. Tailor your product grid to impact your business.

Leaders in the global commerce, retail, fashion, beauty, travel, electronics, and media industries are paving the way with BloomRich.

Bloomreach Discovery

Bloomreach Discovery DEMO

Bloomreach Discovery

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