Bloomreach Engagement

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Craft tailored email, SMS, web, and mobile campaigns seamlessly within one platform. Harnessing real-time data and AI in every campaign will elevate your customer experience to new heights.

Bloomreach Engagement

Simplify Data-Driven Marketing

Say goodbye to managing multiple apps and connecting fragmented data. Embrace the power of an integrated platform that grows with you, providing efficient, unlimited marketing opportunities that deliver unforgettable experiences.

Enhance your email marketing by improving email deliverability and convenience without sacrificing advanced segmentation, WYSIWYG lifecycle campaigns, and AI-based personalization.


Avoid adding another isolated channel. Bloomreach empowers you to integrate SMS and mobile apps into your omnichannel strategy, enabling you to build more effective and efficient campaigns.


Engage with customers through their preferred channels. Bloomreach Engagement is the only all-in-one solution that enables real-time personalized marketing, measurable results, and lightning-fast performance down to the millisecond.


Engage with your audience at crucial touchpoints. Create channel combinations tailored to each individual customer and deliver relevant, consistent communication.


Utilize all data sources to predict customer behavior and leverage all touchpoints. Gain actionable insights necessary to provide truly personalized experiences.


Data and Intelligence are the Heart of Bloomreach

Easily integrate all your customer, product, and anonymous user data to curate and deliver customized experiences seamlessly. Whether enhancing your current data setup or serving as a robust customer data platform with omnichannel marketing features, Bloomreach Engagement empowers you with the information and insights required to craft enchanting, personalized experiences that captivate your audience.

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Bloomreach Engagement

Get the Complete Package

Bloomreach Engagement seamlessly connects with leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Explore a vast selection of 130+ integrations with third-party vendors, or leverage our APIs to integrate with virtually any system.


Easily launch hyper-personalized marketing campaigns and advanced dashboards with our ready-to-use solutions. Benefit from Bloomreach's extensive expertise acquired from years of collaboration with industry leaders.


Don't pay for seats or contacts. Bloomreach Engagement's price is determined primarily by volume of data, and volume of communications, e.g. emails or SMS sent. This allows us to generate incredible ROI for fast-growing companies, as well as enterprises.


Security isn't just an extra feature - it's a strategic edge to leverage and excel with. With Bloomreach Engagement, your team can securely and compliantly create, send, test, and analyze campaigns, setting you apart from the competition.


Leaders in the global commerce, retail, fashion, beauty, travel, electronics, and media industries are paving the way with BloomRich.

Bloomreach Engagement

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Bloomreach Engagement

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