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Advertising (PPC marketing) is a proven method to achieve fast results. However, it is crucial to regularly adjust, update, and optimize for success.

What is PPC Optimization?

Advertisement optimization refers to analyzing and improving paid advertising campaigns and groups, including landing page, message changes, and bid adjustments.

Digital marketing is both an art and a science. While operational strategies, processes, and steps are necessary, without a touch of creativity, ad campaigns won't stand out in the competitive landscape.

Successful marketers understand that experimentation, analysis, and optimization go beyond performance metrics to create a sustainable advertising strategy.

Target audiences, competition, and advertising network algorithms evolve rapidly. Stay ahead by implementing an advertising optimization strategy that keeps pace with this speed.

Key consideration of PPC optimization

Today's advertisement may be captivating, but it may not attract visitors' interest tomorrow. A decrease in exposure could lead to a decrease in leads connecting to the website. To enhance advertising performance, it is crucial to frequently test and adjust campaigns, bidding prices, and ad copy.

Switch to manual bidding

No ads. can't get the right results without the right bidding strategy. An automated CPC bidding can help you get the most clicks, but if your campaign isn't performing well, it can be difficult and costly to adjust. Manual custom bidding can provide benefits such as increased ad visibility, reduced cost per acquisition and prioritization.

Apply remarketing

Only 2% of convert on first visit.

Link with your remarketing (or retargeting) campaigns to convert more potential customers who visit you through your ads. Use ads to track potential customers who click on your ads or visit your site. Place ads to remind visitors of an action they may have wanted on your website. 

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads offer less competition and higher effectiveness. Additionally, Microsoft Ads include the following:

  • Action Ad Extensions - Add a call-to-action button near the ad that directs to a selected landing page
  • Additional Reviews - Reviews from third-party sites below the ad
  • LinkedIn Targeting - Monitor responses from potential LinkedIn customers for the ad

Website Optimization

Failing to optimize your website to welcome target customers upon arrival can significantly impact the results of your advertising campaigns.

Ensure that:

  • Large Contentful Paint: The main content of your page should load within 5 seconds.
  • First Input Delay: Users should be able to interact with the page within 100 milliseconds of visiting.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: Maintain visual stability with layout shifts of less than 0.1 seconds when users experience them.

Conversion tracking system

Use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for conversion tracking. Simplify conversion setup if you have the same goal for multiple channels. You can configure tags in GTM, build these goals in GA, and import GA goals into Google Ads. You can also create remarketing audiences in GA and import them into Google Ads by linking your GA and Google Ads accounts.

If you do not begin optimizing your advertisements now, you will end up wasting more money.

Optimizing ads can help reduce costs and increase performance. It is crucial to analyze better headlines to increase open rates, utilize CTAs that drive clicks, and combine creative elements effectively to minimize bounce rates. Efforts to reduce website loading times, even by just 1 second, are also essential.


PPC for increase awareness


Google Ads ROAS


Search as an engagement source


Online buyers click a Google ads


Visitor ignoring pop-up ads

PPC optimization process

Perfomas offers a systematic approach for advertising optimization and implementing structured procedures.

Keyword research

Identifying all essential topics for our content.

We gather keyword data, including search volume and competition, through keyword research. Make sure to include keywords to exclude as well.

Audience targeting

Apply demographic characteristics in targeting filters based on the marketing persona you develop. Add filters based on interests, such as search terms or websites.

AB testing

Advertisements can either drive or block clicks, so testing and analyzing them is very important in ad optimization. A/B testing us required. The test evaluates two ads with different copies, colors, CTAs, etc. to determine which one gets the most clicks.

Landing page that convert

Optimize the pages your audience will visit by clicking on your ad. Consider page loading speed, mobile-first, CTA text, images and videos, and convincing messages to ensure that conversions occur.

Optimization Statistical Analysis

After optimizing and operating, statistical analysis of data is performed. Through analysis find areas that need more optimization. Repeat this cycle. Set up and track UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) to track all conversion actions.
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Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Read what our customers say about us.

"Without Performars, we may sacrifice our investment in the new market, because we did not know how our new education services fit to the target market. They have helped us save a large investment and prevent from the failure."
Sung Lee
Director, New Business Planning
"Performars helped us to create the right e-commerce strategy for Chinese travelers. We could understand the customer journey, their unmet needs and our business directions from the practical insights of Performars. Performars is very to the point and in-detail including marketing, sales, and overseas operations."
Manager at eComm., SHILLA
"We had a superior experience with Performars. They are experts in how they understand overseas customers with their well-structured framework on data analysis and insights based storytelling."
ChangKyu Cho
CEO, Almaden Design
"Whatever you dream, Performars make it. Performars is the best helper to realize our dream on web service. the members are very open mind and try to help with low cost. Performars is very helpful to our business"
James Jeong
Marketing Manager | SK Group
"Performars has significantly improved our comprehension of Hubspot. Previously, we were unaware of the Hubspot features that could benefit our company. We questioned, 'How can these features help us?' However, after discovering Performars, we have found continuous support that has allowed us to effectively utilize the Hubspot tools in our sales and marketing efforts. We are grateful for the assistance from Performars."
Dohyung Kim
Marketing Lead | Global Business
"Build a successful online marketing strategy through the expertise of Performars. Considering implementing HubSpot to strengthen non-face-to-face sales, we discovered Performars. With the need to undertake marketing tasks different from our existing work, such as implementation, planning, and content, we successfully introduced the system smoothly with the overall consulting provided by Performars. Being a global company, we faced strict security and privacy regulations. We resolved these issues together. Since HubSpot is an unfamiliar system and lacks local language support, the involvement of an expert was essential during the initial implementation. After careful consultation, we determined that Performas had the highest level of expertise, and we have no regrets about selecting them."
Arum Kim
Marketing manager | Strategy & Planning
"Performars is an effective partner to work with. I loved working with PEROFRMARS. The team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They bring good frameworks and know-how and have particularly deep expertise in HubSpot. They set us up for success by providing education and training."
Y.J. Yum
Director | Strategy & Planning
"HubSpot is well known as a marketing program and has endless functions, but there are many parts that do not fit the domestic sentiment. This is because the majority of sales are based on SMS and KakaoTalk. In these areas, there are parts that are difficult to develop in-house. It's great that Performars makes it easy to use. I think it will be a key to resolving the concerns that domestic companies have in using HubSpot in the future."
Wooyong Kim
Manager | Marketing
"We introduced it as a sales management tool and are even using Marketing Hub. If we had not gone through Performars, including initial setup and advice on operation methods, onboarding would have required a lot of resources. We are receiving a lot of help at each stage of expansion. We are receiving a lot of help through HubSpot for efficient operation. We are building a sales process. By using reports, we can collect performance data that used to be written by hand in real time, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, as all members see the same information, alignment between functions is naturally achieved. ."
Byung-mun Hwang
Leader | Solution BU
"No matter how competitive a tool is, it is true that it is difficult to introduce if onboarding, use, and maintenance are difficult. In particular, competitive foreign CRMs often have limited local support and sales resources in Korea. Performars' implementation experience and various references served as a point where I could expect reliable support whenever I had these concerns, and they remained effective even after the actual introduction. I do not regret collaborating with Performars!”
modusign logo
Eddy Kim
Head of Sales | Sales Department
"Performars actively provided advice during the initial setup process to help the team quickly apply HubSpot to their work. We are currently using it starting with the introduction of a sales hub and expanding it to include a marketing hub. Performars is adapting to the growing business situation. We are helping them use HubSpot appropriately.”
디웨일 로고
Yeryung Lee
Customer Success Lead
PPC Optimization

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