RevOps. SaaS Integration Service

RevOps, or Revenue Operations, is a crucial aspect of modern businesses, and integrating it with SaaS platforms can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity.

At Performars, we understand the value of seamless integration, and our team of experienced consultants and Cloud engineers is here to support your company in building a robust integration among RevOps systems. 

SaaS integration service

Why it is needed?

Performars has the experience and capabilities to successfully onboard and operate Martech SaaS for approximately 100 domestic and international customers.

As the costs of using SaaS solutions increase over time, are the results not meeting expectations? 

In the digital realm, businesses rely on multiple SaaS tools to optimize operations and enhance productivity. However, without proper integration, these tools may operate independently, leading to inefficiencies and data discrepancies.

SaaS integration enables real-time data synchronization and smooth communication between various applications, eliminating these barriers. This allows companies to centralize data, automate workflows, and gain insights into overall operations.


Looking to make better decisions by integrating data between your current SaaS solutions?

Through SaaS integration, businesses can unleash the full potential of their software stack, enhance collaboration, and drive better decision-making.

Whether integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with marketing automation or connecting project management with ERP, SaaS integration helps create a cohesive ecosystem that seamlessly works together to lead businesses towards growth and success.

SaaS integration service

RevOps. SaaS that we support

Managed services are provided to customers using HubSpot, Bloomreach, and

SaaS integration service

What we provide

We provide comprehensive services to ensure success, never stopping at just user support.

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SaaS integration service

What we provide

Data Migration

Transferring data between cloud infrastructures is a crucial process of transferring data from one system or storage device to another.

To ensure a seamless and error-free data transfer, proper planning and execution are essential. Leveraging Performas's expertise and experience, we possess the tools and technology to understand and smoothly handle data complexities. We evaluate the current data environment, develop a comprehensive transfer strategy, and execute it. From data cleansing and validation to ensuring data integrity and security, no aspect is overlooked. Tap into reliable data transfer services to unlock the full potential of your data.



ERP Integration

Integrating CRM/CDP with ERP systems can bring about significant changes for companies looking to streamline operations and strengthen customer relationships. By seamlessly combining customer management with enterprise resource planning, businesses can uncover endless possibilities. Accessing customer data, order history, inventory management, and financial information in real-time from a unified platform is now possible.

Unlock the power of integration between CRM/CDP and ERP systems to achieve operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth. Discover the strength of integration and elevate your business to new heights.


Go live

Custom App integration

Having expertise in understanding the integration methods with custom apps is a crucial aspect for optimizing workflows and maximizing productivity.

The first step is to clearly define integration goals and identify specific functionalities desired. This allows for selecting the most suitable integration method through APIs, webhooks, or SDKs. Once a clear roadmap is in place, collaborating with your in-house development team is essential to ensure a seamless integration. Effective communication and a deep understanding of app architecture are key to successfully integrating custom apps with target applications. Thorough testing and debugging are necessary to address potential issues and ensure a smooth user experience.


Your success is our mission.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Read what our customers say about us.

"Whatever you dream, Performars make it. Performars is the best helper to realize our dream on web service. the members are very open mind and try to help with low cost. Performars is very helpful to our business"
James Jeong
Marketing Manager | SK Group
"Performars has significantly improved our comprehension of Hubspot. Previously, we were unaware of the Hubspot features that could benefit our company. We questioned, 'How can these features help us?' However, after discovering Performars, we have found continuous support that has allowed us to effectively utilize the Hubspot tools in our sales and marketing efforts. We are grateful for the assistance from Performars."
Dohyung Kim
Marketing Lead | Global Business
"Build a successful online marketing strategy through the expertise of Performars. Considering implementing HubSpot to strengthen non-face-to-face sales, we discovered Performars. With the need to undertake marketing tasks different from our existing work, such as implementation, planning, and content, we successfully introduced the system smoothly with the overall consulting provided by Performars. Being a global company, we faced strict security and privacy regulations. We resolved these issues together. Since HubSpot is an unfamiliar system and lacks local language support, the involvement of an expert was essential during the initial implementation. After careful consultation, we determined that Performas had the highest level of expertise, and we have no regrets about selecting them."
Arum Kim
Marketing manager | Strategy & Planning
"Performars is an effective partner to work with. I loved working with PEROFRMARS. The team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They bring good frameworks and know-how and have particularly deep expertise in HubSpot. They set us up for success by providing education and training."
Y.J. Yum
Director | Strategy & Planning
"HubSpot is well known as a marketing program and has endless functions, but there are many parts that do not fit the domestic sentiment. This is because the majority of sales are based on SMS and KakaoTalk. In these areas, there are parts that are difficult to develop in-house. It's great that Performars makes it easy to use. I think it will be a key to resolving the concerns that domestic companies have in using HubSpot in the future."
Wooyong Kim
Manager | Marketing
"We introduced it as a sales management tool and are even using Marketing Hub. If we had not gone through Performars, including initial setup and advice on operation methods, onboarding would have required a lot of resources. We are receiving a lot of help at each stage of expansion. We are receiving a lot of help through HubSpot for efficient operation. We are building a sales process. By using reports, we can collect performance data that used to be written by hand in real time, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, as all members see the same information, alignment between functions is naturally achieved. ."
Byung-mun Hwang
Leader | Solution BU
"No matter how competitive a tool is, it is true that it is difficult to introduce if onboarding, use, and maintenance are difficult. In particular, competitive foreign CRMs often have limited local support and sales resources in Korea. Performars' implementation experience and various references served as a point where I could expect reliable support whenever I had these concerns, and they remained effective even after the actual introduction. I do not regret collaborating with Performars!”
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Eddy Kim
Head of Sales | Sales Department
"Performars actively provided advice during the initial setup process to help the team quickly apply HubSpot to their work. We are currently using it starting with the introduction of a sales hub and expanding it to include a marketing hub. Performars is adapting to the growing business situation. We are helping them use HubSpot appropriately.”
디웨일 로고
Yeryung Lee
Customer Success Lead

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