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The traditional approach of "doing more, selling more" is no longer effective. Simply hiring more representatives, demanding increased activities, and adopting more technology does not guarantee improved productivity. Unfortunately, this has resulted in stagnant growth, demoralized teams, disconnected sales representatives, and unpredictable scaling for leaders.

Sales Hub revolutionizes sales teams by prioritizing quality over quantity. It provides them with the necessary tools to regain productivity and the contextual understanding to foster stronger connections with customers. Furthermore, it offers sales leaders invaluable intelligence to scale their operations with insight.


HubSpot Sales Hub

Describes the overview, price, and main functions of the HubSpot Sales Hub.
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Boost productivity, enable customer connections, and empower growing sales organizations with a powerful and user-friendly sales software solution.
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Fully featured sales software complete with: sales engagement tools, deal management functionality, reporting & analytics features, payments, quote, and CPQ capabilities, and coaching tools — plus the ability to seamlessly integrate with more than 1,500 tools in HubSpot’s App Marketplace.
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Pricing starting at:
- $0/month USD (Free)
- $45/month USD (Starter)
- $450/month USD (Professional)
- $1,200/month USD (Enterprise)
HubSpot Sales Hub

Recommendation on how to use Sales Hub

Increase your ROI by taking full advantage of the features of HubSpot Sales Hub.

First, make the sales prospecting smarter.


Prospect Smarter

Start meaningful conversations and effortlessly convert potential customers using HubSpot's sales engagement tool.

No longer do you need to guess the next best step. Minimize distractions and keep your prospecting team organized, efficient, and effective all day long, allowing you to focus on building a pipeline with qualitative and high conversion rates.

Lead Management & Prospecting
Email templates
Email tracking
Sales automation
Call tracking
HubSpot AI

Next, accelerate your transactions with advanced sales management.


Prospect Smarter

Start meaningful conversations and effortlessly convert potential customers using HubSpot's sales engagement tool.

No longer do you need to guess the next best step. Minimize distractions and keep your prospecting team organized, efficient, and effective all day long, allowing you to focus on building a pipeline with qualitative and high conversion rates.

Meeting Scheduler
Document Tracking
Deal Pipelines

Lastly, scale sales with more sales insights.


Scale insightfully

Achieve your revenue goals accurately and predictably using HubSpot's integrated reporting and analysis tools. These tools effectively forecast revenue and help achieve visibility and predictability in your pipeline.

Track your team's performance and uncover valuable coaching opportunities by analyzing customer feedback and staying ahead of competition trends and process improvements through conversational intelligence.

Sales Analytics & Reporting
Conversation Intelligence
HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub ROI

Users of HubSpot Sales Hub experience enhanced sales performance.

Crete deals

Sales Hub customers create more deals after using the service for 12 months.


Sales increase

After six months, customers of Sales Hub have reported an increase in closed deals.


Cross-sell increase

Sales Hub customers can sell more things because of the reporting feature.

HubSpot empowers 184,000+ customers in 120+ countries for fast business growth.
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Customer Success Stories

Discover how customers generate revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize their investments with HubSpot.

HubSpot has been voted as the top software in 297 different categories.


What is sales software?

Sales software includes all the tools you need to improve your sales team’s productivity. It supports the entire sales cycle, from finding potential leads and tracking their progress, to managing and automating the deal flow, and even generating quotes. Additionally, it offers valuable analytics, coaching, and reporting features for managers to onboard and coach reps, analyze strategy, and optimize process. 

Rather than using multiple tools to accomplish each of these tasks separately, HubSpot’s sales software enables teams to do all their work under one roof. Save time and energy by using a single tool, rather than splitting up your team’s energy and information across multiple tools or platforms.

Do I have to use HubSpot as a CRM to get value from Sales Hub?

Sales Hub is HubSpot’s sales software solution. It works great when paired with HubSpot’s Smart CRM, but can be used to drive productivity and power customer connections alongside your existing CRM, too. For example, your business development team might adopt Sales Hub as a sales engagement platform, to consolidate prospecting activities and manage leads in one place.

How much does HubSpot's sales software cost?

HubSpot’s sales software is called Sales Hub. Many of Sales Hub’s tools are available for free, with more advanced features designed to help automate and scale your sales operations available in Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Curious about the return on investment from Sales Hub? Explore our ROI calculator.

How is Sales Hub different from other sales solutions, like Salesforce?

Unlike a lot of software that’s been built by acquisition, Sales Hub was built from the ground up. It’s both deeply powerful and uniquely easy to use. The result? Your team gets up and running faster, allowing you to achieve ROI more quickly. Learn more about the differences between HubSpot and Salesforce.

What are popular sales software features?

Popular features in HubSpot’s sales software include:

  • Contact and lead management organize prospecting activities and propel pipeline growth..
  • Email tracking and automation let you track engagement in real-time, automate personalized email sequences, and schedule emails for optimal timing.
  • Deal and pipeline management let you visualize and manage deals from start to finish, assign tasks, set reminders, and collaborate with team members.
  • Sales analytics and reporting let you gain valuable insights into sales performance with dashboards, activity tracking, revenue tracking, and forecasting.
  • Document management lets you store and manage sales documents efficiently, allowing easy access and sharing with prospects and team members.
  • Sales automation and workflows automate repetitive tasks and let you create custom workflows to improve efficiency in lead segmentation, task assignments, and email sequences.
How much time does it take to implement sales software?

Sales software is up and running from the get-go. Simply grant your sales team access to the appropriate tools, and they can start using them immediately. Features such as email templates, deals, and meetings are ready to go from the moment you log in.

For more experienced teams, advanced features like conversation intelligence and predictive lead scoring take your sales organization to the next level. While these features are available right from the start, it may take some time to gather valuable insights from them

Can I customize my Sales Hub account?

Of course! With custom objects (available in the enterprise edition of Sales Hub), you have complete flexibility and control to match your CRM data to your business. You’ll have full flexibility to name the object, determine its properties, and decide what other objects it can be associated with.

And you can easily sort, automate, and report on data associated with them right in HubSpot. Plus, with more than 1,500 apps in our app marketplace, you can easily connect HubSpot to your favorite tools in just a few clicks.


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"Build a successful online marketing strategy through the expertise of Performars. Considering implementing HubSpot to strengthen non-face-to-face sales, we discovered Performars. With the need to undertake marketing tasks different from our existing work, such as implementation, planning, and content, we successfully introduced the system smoothly with the overall consulting provided by Performars. Being a global company, we faced strict security and privacy regulations. We resolved these issues together. Since HubSpot is an unfamiliar system and lacks local language support, the involvement of an expert was essential during the initial implementation. After careful consultation, we determined that Performas had the highest level of expertise, and we have no regrets about selecting them."
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"HubSpot is well known as a marketing program and has endless functions, but there are many parts that do not fit the domestic sentiment. This is because the majority of sales are based on SMS and KakaoTalk. In these areas, there are parts that are difficult to develop in-house. It's great that Performars makes it easy to use. I think it will be a key to resolving the concerns that domestic companies have in using HubSpot in the future."
Wooyong Kim
Manager | Marketing
"We introduced it as a sales management tool and are even using Marketing Hub. If we had not gone through Performars, including initial setup and advice on operation methods, onboarding would have required a lot of resources. We are receiving a lot of help at each stage of expansion. We are receiving a lot of help through HubSpot for efficient operation. We are building a sales process. By using reports, we can collect performance data that used to be written by hand in real time, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, as all members see the same information, alignment between functions is naturally achieved. ."
Byung-mun Hwang
Leader | Solution BU
"No matter how competitive a tool is, it is true that it is difficult to introduce if onboarding, use, and maintenance are difficult. In particular, competitive foreign CRMs often have limited local support and sales resources in Korea. Performars' implementation experience and various references served as a point where I could expect reliable support whenever I had these concerns, and they remained effective even after the actual introduction. I do not regret collaborating with Performars!”
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Eddy Kim
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"Performars actively provided advice during the initial setup process to help the team quickly apply HubSpot to their work. We are currently using it starting with the introduction of a sales hub and expanding it to include a marketing hub. Performars is adapting to the growing business situation. We are helping them use HubSpot appropriately.”
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Yeryung Lee
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Sales Hub offers a comprehensive set of tools to empower teams to consistently exceed expectations year after year, transforming your sales team into an unstoppable force. With smarter prospecting, accelerated revenue growth, and insightful scaling, success is within reach.



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