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Search engine optimization is the core strategy of persona marketing, creating excellent pages and content that both search engines and customers can respond to in the long term.

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing web pages to make search engines display specific searches as top results.

In digital marketing, SEO aims to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic by targeting organic traffic from search engines, rather than direct or paid traffic.

Is your website continually creating a solid traffic flow through the optimization process?

Key Considerations for SEO

Even with well-designed personas, customer journey mapping, marketing data analysis systems, and agile processes in place, without impactful content, all efforts are futile. Effective content is that which is optimized for search engines.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, encompasses the techniques that directly impact the content or HTML code of a specific web page.

Off-page SEO

Managing off-page SEO involves overseeing external activities such as backlinks and social media, which help increase references and boost credibility outside of your own website.

Technical SEO

Ensure that visitors are having a positive experience and optimize your website for better understanding by search engine crawlers.

Content Strategy

The key to search engine optimization lies in high-quality content. Enhance your SEO through a strategic content approach.

Core Web Vital

Google's Core Web Vital is a new assessments set.

Large Contentful Paint: The main content of the page should load within 5 seconds.
First Input Delay: User interaction after visiting the page should be less than 100 milliseconds.
Cumulative Layout Shift: Should stay less than 0.1 seconds.

Mobile-first indexing

Mobile search already accounts for 55% of Google. It can include removing non-playable content and blocked resources (JavaScript, CSS), removing pop-ups and interstitial ads, improving mobile usability (text size, viewport configuration), etc.

If you neglect SEO, you will be left behind by your competitors.

According to databox, 70% of corporate marketers are securing more traffic, leads, and sales through SEO than PPC. Search engine optimization is a crucial long-term strategy for success.


Google search share worldwide


Search share of top five pages


Backlink of 1st SERP than 2nd


Image search preferred 

SEO Process

Perfomas provides systematic procedures for search engine optimization and operations.

Keyword research & Content cluster

Identify all crucial topics within our content. Group related keywords into topic clusters. Gather data through keyword research, including search volume and competition. Create a content inventory. Perform a content audit and structure content according to topic clusters.

Content priortisation

Utilize SEO tools to assess the quality of all content, assign scores accordingly. Identify new content to be developed by conducting Gap analysis for each topic cluster, thus determining the priority for content development.

Strategic content planning

Content design services include creating titles, meta descriptions, header structures, layouts, touchpoints, and schedules within topic clusters.

Connect keyword to content

Develop content, curate external content, and strategically link acquired internal and external content with key keywords.

Technical optimisation

The website is checked to ensure it meets the technical requirements of search engines, including crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.

Backlink building & measure success

Create, expand, and manage backlinks connecting to other websites on the page. Measure performance and repeat the above process.
Your success is our mission.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Read what our customers say about us.

"Without Performars, we may sacrifice our investment in the new market, because we did not know how our new education services fit to the target market. They have helped us save a large investment and prevent from the failure."
Sung Lee
Director, New Business Planning
"Performars helped us to create the right e-commerce strategy for Chinese travelers. We could understand the customer journey, their unmet needs and our business directions from the practical insights of Performars. Performars is very to the point and in-detail including marketing, sales, and overseas operations."
Manager at eComm., SHILLA
"We had a superior experience with Performars. They are experts in how they understand overseas customers with their well-structured framework on data analysis and insights based storytelling."
ChangKyu Cho
CEO, Almaden Design
"Whatever you dream, Performars make it. Performars is the best helper to realize our dream on web service. the members are very open mind and try to help with low cost. Performars is very helpful to our business"
James Jeong
Marketing Manager | SK Group
"Performars has significantly improved our comprehension of Hubspot. Previously, we were unaware of the Hubspot features that could benefit our company. We questioned, 'How can these features help us?' However, after discovering Performars, we have found continuous support that has allowed us to effectively utilize the Hubspot tools in our sales and marketing efforts. We are grateful for the assistance from Performars."
Dohyung Kim
Marketing Lead | Global Business
"Build a successful online marketing strategy through the expertise of Performars. Considering implementing HubSpot to strengthen non-face-to-face sales, we discovered Performars. With the need to undertake marketing tasks different from our existing work, such as implementation, planning, and content, we successfully introduced the system smoothly with the overall consulting provided by Performars. Being a global company, we faced strict security and privacy regulations. We resolved these issues together. Since HubSpot is an unfamiliar system and lacks local language support, the involvement of an expert was essential during the initial implementation. After careful consultation, we determined that Performas had the highest level of expertise, and we have no regrets about selecting them."
Arum Kim
Marketing manager | Strategy & Planning
"Performars is an effective partner to work with. I loved working with PEROFRMARS. The team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They bring good frameworks and know-how and have particularly deep expertise in HubSpot. They set us up for success by providing education and training."
Y.J. Yum
Director | Strategy & Planning
"HubSpot is well known as a marketing program and has endless functions, but there are many parts that do not fit the domestic sentiment. This is because the majority of sales are based on SMS and KakaoTalk. In these areas, there are parts that are difficult to develop in-house. It's great that Performars makes it easy to use. I think it will be a key to resolving the concerns that domestic companies have in using HubSpot in the future."
Wooyong Kim
Manager | Marketing
"We introduced it as a sales management tool and are even using Marketing Hub. If we had not gone through Performars, including initial setup and advice on operation methods, onboarding would have required a lot of resources. We are receiving a lot of help at each stage of expansion. We are receiving a lot of help through HubSpot for efficient operation. We are building a sales process. By using reports, we can collect performance data that used to be written by hand in real time, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, as all members see the same information, alignment between functions is naturally achieved. ."
Byung-mun Hwang
Leader | Solution BU
"No matter how competitive a tool is, it is true that it is difficult to introduce if onboarding, use, and maintenance are difficult. In particular, competitive foreign CRMs often have limited local support and sales resources in Korea. Performars' implementation experience and various references served as a point where I could expect reliable support whenever I had these concerns, and they remained effective even after the actual introduction. I do not regret collaborating with Performars!”
modusign logo
Eddy Kim
Head of Sales | Sales Department
"Performars actively provided advice during the initial setup process to help the team quickly apply HubSpot to their work. We are currently using it starting with the introduction of a sales hub and expanding it to include a marketing hub. Performars is adapting to the growing business situation. We are helping them use HubSpot appropriately.”
디웨일 로고
Yeryung Lee
Customer Success Lead
Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is the alpha and omega of content marketing. If you don't start now, you'll be left behind.




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