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Marketing Personas development

Develop marketing personas for optimal marketing and sales under COVID-19 environment.

What is Persona marketing?

Persona marketing is a strategy for digital customers who demand personalized experiences..

Persona marketing helps you create effective marketing strategies through understanding your customers. Know the situation our customers face, their goals and concerns.

A marketing persona is a 'fictitious person' that represents the type or customer of a target who is most likely to purchase your products/services. Marketing persona consists of a variety of information such as demographic information, customer behavior, and lifestyle.

Do you know the ideal customer who purchase products from your brand?

Expected benefits of Persona marketing

Improvement made by persona marketing

Fortune 500 companies are implementing persona marketing. Examples include Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Intel, Thomson Reuters, Novartis, and Salesforce.

5X Website visitor increase
6X Ads engagement increase
171% Attribution to revenue increase
81% Customer to pay for premium
Why Persona Marketing

Use cases

Innovate your digital marketing by implementing persona marketing strategy

Complete understanding of the ideal customer

Marketing personas allow us to easily guess the needs and problems of our target customer and the things they love just like our family or friends. Enhance your customer experience by fully understanding your customers. Get deeper insights into your customers than your competitors.

Maximize marketing ROI

Marketing personas allow you to run a marketing campaign that best suits your target customer. You can maximize your marketing ROI by distributing content that will interest your persona to the channels your persona stays on.

Establish favorable brand perception

By creating a marketing persona, you will know how to engage them and where to find them. By having a specific point of view on the customer, you can form the image and voice of the brand you want to convey from the customer's point of view.

Innovate product and service

Persona Marketing helps improve future products and services to better serve our customers. If you have the right marketing persona, you are more likely to have products and services that meet the needs of your customers.

Rapid spread to similar customers

If you deploy persona marketing to your ideal customer, you can quickly spread to similar customer groups that are suitable for your business. By creating 3 or 4 marketing personas and delivering different messages for each persona, you can deploy optimal digital marketing activities to more spread customers.


Knowing your marketing persona can help your marketing and sales teams work together towards a common goal. Try SMARKETING - Sales & Marketing, where sales and marketing rolling like a cog wheel.


Seize the opportunity for digital growth

Marketing persona development process

Provides systematic steps for developing a persona.

Marketing persona workshop

We conduct persona workshops such as strategic goals, implementation methodology, and initial data collection for persona marketing.

Segmentation Prioritize segmentation through gap analysis between growth intent and situation analysis.
Data collection and analytics Collect and analyze digital data about your ideal customer.
In-depth interview

We conduct in-depth interviews with ideal customers to analyze specific understanding and psychological factors.

Develop persona template

The information identified through data analysis and in-depth interview is written as a persona template.

Persona storytelling

We develop persona storytelling to be based on the decision journey.

Grow by persona marketing

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Get your own marketing persona, Know your customer better
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By creating brand advocates, marketing costs are reduced and campaign performance is doubled. Create Advocates and deploy persona marketing.



Saving marketing cost


Over performing campaign performance


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