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Customer journey mapping

Customers do not make impulsive purchases with just one click. Instead, their purchasing decisions are carefully cultivated through numerous interactions at various touchpoints.

What is Customer value journey map?

The customer value journey map serves as an effective strategy to engage customers at various touchpoints and nurture them into becoming advocates. It represents the path a customer takes to make a purchase decision, engaging with a company, product, or service in different phases, whether sequential or non-sequential.

This customer journey map encompasses the entire process, starting from the moment a potential customer becomes aware of your brand, leading to their conversion into a loyal customer. It further includes post-purchase service engagement, encouraging repurchases or cross-purchases, and ultimately fostering brand advocacy.

Is the customer journey designed and operated in a way that aligns with what customers truly desire?

Expected benefits of Customer value journey map

Benchmark of successful cases

When the customer experience is expertly crafted and managed, the sales process gains momentum, resulting in reduced costs and an amplified number of loyal advocates. This increase in advocates leads to a surge in referrals and cross-selling opportunities.

18X Shorten customer sales cycle
5X Increase in customer referral profit
56% Increased in cross sales profit
54% Increase in marketing ROI
Use cases of Customer Value Journey Map

How to use
Customer value journey map

In today's digital marketing environment where digital content dominates, customer journey design is essential to create brand advocates.

Improve customer satisfaction through customer experience

Customers who have undergone a carefully crafted customer journey and have had a delightful experience can naturally enhance their level of satisfaction. As per Aberdeen's research, when brands implement a customer journey, the likelihood of receiving positive responses on social media increases by a significant 24%.

Increase customer referral opportunities

Studies have demonstrated that a staggering 82% of individuals are inclined to endorse a brand that provides a swift and succinct customer experience. By crafting a customer journey map, you can effectively streamline the process of generating new leads, saving valuable time and effort.

Discover new touchpoints

Customers engage with products through multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. By strategically crafting a customer journey map that connects these touchpoints, you can gain valuable insights to enhance the overall customer experience.

Modify customer engagement strategy

By utilizing the customer journey map, you can unearth the disparity that exists between your intended strategy and the actual reality. Ultimately, this invaluable tool empowers you to craft and refine more effective marketing, sales, and customer service strategies.

Eliminate marketing and sales operational inefficiencies

Through the creation of a customer journey map, you unlock the ability to pinpoint and rectify any inefficiencies or unnecessary costs that may arise during customer engagement. This invaluable discovery not only eradicates operational inefficiencies but also serves to conserve vital resources.

Improve employee satisfaction

As customer engagement and communication processes become more effective, employee trust also strengthens. By gaining a deeper understanding of the company's objectives, employees can enhance their job performance, leading to increased satisfaction.


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