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Customer journey mapping

No customer buys a product immediately with just one click. Purchasing decisions are nurtured through multiple interactions at different touchpoints.

What is Customer value journey map?

Customer value journey map is the touchpoint engagement strategy for nurturing customer an advocate

The customer value journey refers to the path through which a customer makes a purchase decision through touchpoints. Customers engage and interact with a company, product or service in sequential or non-sequential phases.

The customer journey map extends from the initial moment of knowing your brand as a potential customer to conversion into a customer, post-purchase service engagement, repurchase/cross-purchase and brand advocacy.

Is a customer journey of your brand designed and operated as per what customers want?

Expected benefits of Customer value journey map

Benefits of
Customer value journey map

When the customer journey is well designed and operated, the sales cycle accelerates, the associated costs go down, while the number of advocates increases, which increases referrals and cross-sells.

18X Shorten customer sales cycle
5X Increase in customer referral profit
56% Increased in cross sales profit
54% Increase in marketing ROI
Use cases of Customer Value Journey Map

How to use
Customer value journey map

In today's digital marketing environment where digital content dominates, customer journey design is essential to create brand advocates.

Improve customer satisfaction through customer experience

Customers who have experienced the desired experience through a well-designed customer journey can naturally increase their satisfaction. According to Aberdeen, positive responses on social media increase by 24% when brands use the customer journey.

Increase customer referral opportunities

Research shows that 82% of people are more likely to recommend a brand that offers a fast and concise customer experience. By designing the customer journey map, you can save effort to generate new leads.

Discover new touchpoints

Customers look at products multiple times from various touchpoints before purchasing. By designing the customer journey map through touchpoint connections to reach a purchase decision, you can understand-discover-enhance the customer experience. 

Modify customer engagement strategy

Through the customer journey map, you can discover the gap between intended strategy and reality. Ultimately, it helps you create and modify better marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

Eliminate marketing and sales operational inefficiencies

By designing the customer journey map, you can identify inefficient work or expenses in the customer engagement. This discovery eliminates operational inefficiencies and saves resources.

Improve employee satisfaction

As customer engagement and customer communication processes improve, so does employee trust. By better understanding the company's goals, employees can perform their jobs more efficiently, which increases satisfaction.


Seize the opportunity for digital growth

Customer value journey map design process

For customer journey design, we provides systematic steps.

Build data collection analysis tool

We conduct persona workshops such as strategic goals, implementation methodology, and initial data collection for persona marketing.

Proto persona interview Conducting marketing persona interviews and designing customer journeys through creative workshops
Design Touchpoint Combining journeys designed through workshops and touchpoints discovered and measured through data collection
Customer journey map design

Design experience turning customers into advocates

Design customer engagement across multiple brand touchpoints
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Make your customers the protagonists of hero's story.

Deliver the content your customers want, when they want, and where they want it. Guide your customers to success on every touchpoint in journey.



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