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Request a customer support

Please request service support for any problems that occur while using Performars' solutions.


Frequently asked questions about customer support

Is it possible to provide technical support for marketing technology solutions not purchased from Performars?

Yes, for all marketing technology solutions handled by Performars, service support is available regardless of the place of purchase.

However, a technical support fee will be charged.

I used the solution provided by Performars in the past, but it has now ended. Can I request support? Yes, even if the use has already ended, you can request support at any time. We will do our best to support you.
I am not using on-going services for technology solutions. Can I request service support?

Yes, we provide service support.

If you want to ensure success through customer support and technical support, we recommend a separate on-going service. Individual support cases incur a fee of USD 60,000 (excluding VAT) per case.

What is the scope of technical support?

We will take care of solving any problems in use.

All matters that occur while using the solution are resolved in the form of user support, technical support, and knowledge base support.

Project support such as solution-related consulting, migration, design, implementation, and personal information protection law guide is excluded.

What is the Technical Support Level (SLA)?
We provide support in the Level 1/2/3 system.

Issue Difficulty: Normal
PIC: Customer Success Manager
Issue to be registered within 8 hours of receipt (1 day), processing within 16 hours (2 days)

Issue Difficulty: High
PIC: Customer Success Manager, Martech Engineer
Issue to be registered within 8 hours of receipt (1 day), processing within 24 hours (3 days)

Issue Difficulty: Very High
PIC: Customer Success Manager, Martech Engineer, Senior Engineer for Each Global Vendor
Issue to be registered within 8 hours of receipt (1 day), processing within 40 hours (5 days)
How do I request support?

If you submit via email or form, a person in charge will contact you, understand the issue, and issue and accept a ticket.

After that, you will be notified by e-mail about the processing result.

What will be the pricing for services once I receive service support?

There is no additional charge if you are using the solution below.

Business Stack solutions

CoE service


However, if you are using a technology solution and do not currently have a separate on-going service contract, a fee of USD 60 (excluding VAT) will be incurred per service processing.

Need the faster help?

You can contact to the hot-line

General enquiry

Tel: +82 2 598 8999

Current customer support

Tel: +82 70 5220 1658

Sales enquiry

Tel: +82 70 5220 1655

Partnership enquiry

Tel: +82 70 5220 1659