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As a team composed of Marketing experts, at Performars we provide personalized digital marketing solutions. By analyzing marketing personas, we adapt marketing strategies followed by their implementation for your own business success. We also created our solution called ‘SET’ (Strategy, Execution & Transformation) rooted in the Marketing Process Outsourcing principle. Working with Performars is like having a remote global digital marketing team of superheroes!

Our marketing approach for your digital success in Asia


Data Driven Marketing

Collecting data and data analytics are a good start but how to use those data is what makes a true data driven company. We believe in data marketing in order to achieve business growth. We can help you understand your audience better, customize your marketing campaigns, and reach your KPI (lead generation, conversion...).



Smarketing is the aligning of sales & marketing processes of a business to ensure a healthy flow of leads in the pipeline to reduce leakage. The main objective is for the sales and marketing functions to have a common integrated approach. This system can potentially increase your annual revenue growth by 20%.


Persona Marketing

Persona development should be at the heart of every digital marketing campaigns. Depending on your audience being customers, prospects, or users, and also which marketing channel you want to use, content marketing should be adapted. Besides, we took a step forward by including persona marketing into our seo and sem campaign creation process.


Cross-cultural Marketing

In order to be globally successful, it is highly recommended that your local marketing campaigns are optimized for a specific market while having a way to easily make them easily scalable to the global market. In order to do that, we are an international team that works hard to stay ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge and ideas. 

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21 Feb, 2020

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On January 8 2020, Prince Harry announced to the general public that, he is going to be independent from the British royal family. The British royal family respects his will, hence they will stop all financial assistance to him.

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07 Feb, 2020


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