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As a team of Marketing experts, Performars provide effective digital marketing solutions. We develop marketing personas along with customer storytelling, implement automated digital marketing with cutting edge marketing technologies, and transform marketing process for your success in new markets. Working with Performars is like having a remote global digital marketing team of superheroes!

Our marketing approach for your digital success in Asia


Data-Driven Marketing

Collecting data and data analytics are a good start but how to use those data is what makes a true data-driven company. We believe in data marketing in order to achieve business growth. We can help you understand your audience better, customize your marketing campaigns, and reach your KPI (lead generation, conversion...).



Smarketing is the aligning of the sales & marketing processes of a business to ensure a healthy flow of leads in the pipeline to reduce leakage. The main objective is for the sales and marketing functions to have a common integrated approach. This system can potentially increase your annual revenue growth by 20%.


Persona Marketing

Persona development should be at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. Depending on your audience being customers, prospects, or users, and also which marketing channel you want to use, content marketing should be adapted. Besides, we took a step forward by including persona marketing into our SEO and sem campaign creation process.


Cross-cultural Marketing

In order to be globally successful, it is highly recommended that your local marketing campaigns are optimized for a specific market while having a way to easily make them easily scalable to the global market. In order to do that, we are an international team that works hard to stay ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge and ideas. 

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Subdomain vs Subfolder, Which is Better?

26 Nov, 2020

3 minute summary: Subdomain vs Subfolder, which is better? How do they affect SEO? Many marketers have heard of subdomains and subfolders at least once. Today, let’s explore the differences between these two and how they affect SEO at Google and Naver, one of the biggest Korean search engines.

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Performars and Personalization in Marketing

21 Apr, 2020

Recap of Previous Blog As discussed in the previous blog on Personalization, it is a type of marketing where the needs and preferences of individual consumers are taken into consideration and tailored so that the right product or services are marketed to them at the right time. It was also made mentioned that digital marketing companies take advantage of the wealth of data they have access to from the internet, and use them to personalize ads for their target audience. So the question now is how do we get these done at Performars?

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Rethinking The Future

14 Apr, 2020

A short read that may help you to create a future full of innovation. We are living in an interesting time in human history; working remotely this week due to COVID-19 has made me consider readjusting certain aspects of my daily routine to cope better with an unforeseeable future that is about to unveil. For clarity, the world has already changed and we are living in a new economy that is facing lots of catastrophic realities, that has a consequence of allowing bold innovators to disrupt many traditional businesses and industries without prior notice. Today, the unique idea that we should not take for granted is that whether you are an entrepreneur or the manager of a big corporation things will be changing forever. The following three thoughts may help you to understand and flow with probably one of the most unforeseeable future we will be encountering in history:

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