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Persona marketing concept

What is Persona marketing?

Build enduring connections with customers that will fuel the expansion of your sales.

Harness the power of persona marketing to connect deeply with your digital customers who crave a personalized experience. By crafting an ideal semi-fictional customer, persona marketing empowers you to acquire, engage, and delight customers who will become your most loyal advocates.

Just so you know – only satisfactory experiences lead to repeat or referral.

Customers today have high expectations for seamless experiences at every touch point with your company. It's crucial to engage and continuously improve each aspect of your customer journey.

Persona marketing is the ultimate marketing approach that consistently creates loyal brand advocates.

Persona marketing process

How Persona marketing works?

  • 01 Think
  • 02 Build
  • 03 Operate

Use the persona's insight to guide digital growth direction.

Plan digital growth strategy elements, market segments, personas, customer journey, storytelling, data collection and analysis, and introduce Agile Marketing as an operational process.

Make a system that knows what personas care about.

Create a customer database and pipeline to nurture persona advocates. Develop strategic content based on persona-specific topics. Build an automation system using real-time CRM to track persona behavior.

Improve your marketing, sales, and service by focusing on performance-oriented personas.

Set campaign KPIs. Monitor and analyze persona feedback. Apply insights through data analysis. Strengthen internal capabilities for sustainable growth.


Persona Marketing Solutions

Establish your persona marketing building blocks:

Set goals and strategies, secure and nurture customer personas, develop and distribute persona content through preferred channels, understand and engage in real-time through automation, and strengthen capability through innovation.


RevOps Tech. Solutions

Explore the power of an effective marketing technology stack.

Digital marketing technology goes beyond just a solution and enables effective brand management, campaign optimization, customer engagement, and advocacy in a complex digital environment. Adopting a marketing technology stack is crucial for digital growth.

Our Services

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Discover effective strategies to cultivate and empower your devoted brand advocates.
A team of persona marketing experts



Global consultants establish digital growth strategies, while customer insight and data experts support marketing persona development. We support sustainable agile marketing methodologies and competency-building programs.


Professional digital content marketers plan, develop, operate, and manage persona content for digital marketing. Build a transition pipeline from acquiring personas to nurturing advocates by defining digital touchpoints and developing content on strategic topics for your persona.


Our experienced team of engineers builds the process and infrastructure for executing business solution development projects like ERP, CRM, Cloud, and API. We design customer databases and automation systems based on behavior-based CRM and event analysis.

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Performars have extensive project experience, professional strategy establishment, and customer insight development methodologies from global consulting companies and research organizations. Additionally, through expanded partnerships with advanced marketing technology providers and cloud technology development capabilities, we help clients secure unlimited growth opportunities and optimal efficiency in the rapidly changing digital market.



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Every company must achieve sustainable growth.

Performars helps companies struggling to grow in new and overseas markets due to lacking digital capabilities.

We aim to become Asia's No.1 digital growth partner, integrating business and technology to help our clients grow digitally.


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We are dedicated to the art of digital marketing, cultivating customers as passionate advocates through the implementation of proven methodologies. Our goal is to empower our clients to embrace digital-driven growth and transformation.



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