Value Proposition

Digital technology-based growth strategy workshops essential for  survival in the 4th industrial revolution era


What We Do

  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop
  • Mobility Transformation Strategy Workshop
  • Lead by strategy facilitators and technology experts
  • Customised Workshop
  • SFC(Scan-Focus-Create) Framework 

Why Us

  • Strong network of digital strategy experts
  • Experienced strategy facilitator
  • Strategic methodology rooted from global consulting firms
  • Cost-effective & practical workshop outcomes
  • Immediate availability of resources and technology to follow the workshop output

Our clients

Gunho Yi

Gunho Yi

Digital Transformation Strategy Facilitator

Seasoned leading facilitator with 25 years of workshop and training experience. Gunho provide also strategy advisory to large enterprises for their transformative growth. Strategist and author for 4th industrial revolution and China market strategy.


Wonhoon Choi

AI Transformation Facilitator

Conduct training programs and customised workshops for people who are willing to digital transform their organisations. Handled various innovation and Artificial Intelligence cases especially on CPG sectors. A partner in global consulting firms such as Arther Anderson, Deloitte and IBM. Retained more than 20 years experiences in business strategy, marketing strategy, and technology innovation.


Richard Jo

Sales & Marketing Integration Facilitator

Sr. Trainer & facilitator at Richardson. Program coordinator for Coach Masters Academy. Richard is a transformation expert for Sales & Marketing integration. Experience as a BUE, Sales and Consultant at Global bluechip companies including IBM, Deloitte, GfK, Gartner.