work management for Project Management

New way of Project management connecting strategy to execution

Achieve complete transparency across all your projects to achieve objectives, drive outcomes, and guarantee overall project success.

New way of working for PMO

PMO work features for successful projects

Go beyond just improving efficiency and make the most of productivity tools needed for optimization.

Gantt chart

Easily grasp the project's status and intricacies with a quick glance. Visualize project tasks, milestones, and dependencies all neatly laid out within a specific timeline.




Pinpoint the obstacles hindering project completion by swiftly identifying tasks that are falling behind schedule.




Establish a baseline to effortlessly compare your projected timelines with the actual progress of your project, enabling you to meet deadlines or make necessary adjustments.



Critical path

Superimpose essential paths onto Gantt charts to pinpoint the crucial tasks your team needs to accomplish in order to meet project deadlines and sustain achievable timelines.




Identify and address key milestones in each project to effectively pinpoint and resolve any obstacles in real-time.



Time tracking

Plan more accurately for future projects by monitoring how long it takes to complete a specific task.



Project intake & approvals

Simplify the project intake process to allow for easy submission of requests with pertinent details by all, while enabling stakeholders to efficiently manage approvals and enhance prioritization.



Dashboards & reporting

Get a deeper understanding of your portfolio and individual projects, including budget allocations and workload distribution, empowering you to make informed, data-driven choices.




Select from a variety of customizable views to visualize project status and scope - including Gantt chart, Kanban board, Workload, Calendar, Timeline, and more.




Effortlessly manage every workflow with precision.

Boost project productivity through streamlined automation of manual tasks, creation of customizable project boards, approvals, and timely reminders - all designed to support PMOs in maintaining consistent processes.


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New way of working for PMO

Integrate popular PMO tools for keep optimizing

Enhance your monday work management by integrating crucial tools for your PMO teams, enabling them to streamline project operations seamlessly without the need to switch between tabs.

New way of working

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Gain insights about New way of working

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What is monday PMO work management?

monday PMO work management empowers businesses to oversee and govern projects across the organization, driving towards objectives and fostering collaboration on a larger scale. With this solution, the project management office (PMO) gains comprehensive insight into multiple projects, allowing leaders to streamline essential business processes, establish goals and strategies, and effectively navigate through projects, processes, and daily tasks.

PMOs can leverage monday work management features tailored for PMOs, including Gantt charts, dependencies, milestones, and critical path analysis, to efficiently manage project portfolios.

What are the advantages of utilizing Monday for managing projects?

Managers and teams utilizing monday for project management experience a range of advantages that drive success throughout the organization:

  • Ensure timely project delivery and adherence to requirements.
  • Align all tasks and initiatives with overarching goals and OKRs.
  • Customize how you monitor and share portfolio data for effective stakeholder communication.
  • Accurately evaluate resources for enhanced workload management.
  • Proactively identify risks with integrated milestones, Gantt charts, and critical path features.
  • Utilize a single tool for the complete project management life cycle – from planning and approval to feedback and beyond.
How can Monday's PMO work management assist me with managing my project portfolio?

Elevate your project management with Monday PMO work management - your ultimate solution for seamlessly handling crucial project portfolio data:

  • Gain insights into team and individual capacity, track time spent on tasks using various perspectives like Workload.
  • Align projects with company objectives by linking them to relevant OKRs.
  • Access a comprehensive overview of project performance, budgets, timelines, and project owners at a glance.
  • Automatically share project portfolio reports with stakeholders.
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New way of working for PMO

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