work management for Marketing

New way of Marketing work

Embrace new business practices and thrive.

New way of working for Marketing

Improve Marketing Process Efficiency

Efficiently manage every step of your marketing project, from idea generation to delivery and beyond.

Establish marketing goals and strategies.

Collaborate closely with internal and external team members in the process of defining marketing objectives and strategies.


Plan the project goals, tasks, and resources.

Design the teamwork, measure the team's capabilities, and assign each task according to the set goals.


Enhance your work efficiency.

Visualize the flow of your work process through Kanban, Gantt charts, timelines, and more, and turn your plans into actions.


Complete your tasks within the constraints of time and budget.

Refer transparently to project status, timeline, obstacles, and budget to ensure timely completion of tasks as promised.


Measure your marketing performance.

Analyze and optimize your marketing campaign results. Integrate marketing apps from the marketplace to further enhance your marketing success.

Plan Marketing works
Design & create tasks
New way of working for Marketing

Marketing features to power up

Go beyond just improving efficiency, and make the most of productivity tools needed for optimization.

Manage digital assets from one place

Store, organize, and share all marketing digital assets in one place, and view files in the context of your work. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in one place. 



Use live feedback to speed up approvals

Shorten feedback loops with contextual annotations directly on your files, and communicate with stakeholders with updates and notifications. 



Stay updated on the latest version

Track files connected to tasks and projects from latest to oldest. Add and delete versions, preview, download, and add annotations directly on file for quick feedback. 



Visually plan campaigns the way you want

Plan and monitor marketing work, from campaigns to complex projects, with robust Gantt charts. Use a timeline to keep everyone on track and adjust as priorities change.



Focus on the marketing work you love

Automate repetitive marketing work with customizable automations to improve efficiency, allowing teams to free up time to focus on the work that matters. 



Effortlessly review and approve work

Streamline the content review and approval process directly inside with the PageProof app, no matter the file type.


New way of working for Marketing

Integrate popular Marketing tools for keep optimizing

Integrate and utilize your favorite and frequently used marketing apps.

google ads-2
Google Ads
Google Ads management platform
New way of working

Work with Performars to increase Monday ROI

Don't worry if processes are inadequate or data integration seems daunting. Performars is here to support you.

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Support integration among CRM, ERP, and WorkOS in legacy or cloud environments.
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Gain insights about New way of working

Explore a new way of working - Refer to insights for better growth.

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What is monday marketing work management?

Elevate your marketing work management with Our platform empowers marketing leaders and stakeholders to streamline workflows for strategy, events, campaigns, client projects, and asset management, all while saving time and achieving goals faster. Discover features like:

  • Custom forms for quick and standardized content and design requests
  • Interactive dashboards for efficient campaign tracking and budget management
  • Content calendars for seamless coordination of copy and deadlines
  • Marketing automations to streamline processes and eliminate redundant tasks
  • Various views such as timeline, Gantt chart, and Kanban for clear visualization of dependencies and milestones
  • Annotations and proofing tools directly on assets for faster feedback loops and contextual collaboration.
How does a work management software help with marketing operations?

Marketing work management software consolidates essential marketing operations data and visualizations, enabling marketers to effortlessly oversee multiple projects, evaluate resource management needs, deadlines, and more. It establishes a centralized hub where marketing experts can leverage automations to simplify marketing request management, goal tracking, and team coordination.

Who is monday marketing work management software for?

monday work management for marketing is the perfect solution for marketing and creative teams, as well as leadership, in companies of all sizes. Whether you're in a marketing agency, a small business, or a large enterprise, this tool helps align marketing goals, strategies, and business operations across various specialties such as design, content, operations, and analysis.

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New way of working for Marketing

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