A new way of HR to provide the best employee experience

Deliver an exceptional employee experience by monitoring the talent pipeline and actively engaging with employees.

Monday.com work management for HR

Recruit, Onboard, Develop, and Engage

New way of working for HR

HR work features for the best employee experience

Go beyond just improving efficiency and make the most of productivity tools needed for optimization.

Enhance and streamline your employee recruitment procedures

Efficiently coordinate with hiring managers for seamless internal planning. Keep tabs on candidate progress through every stage of the process with detailed records.



Efficiently onboard and accelerate new hires

Streamline the onboarding experience for new employees, ensuring a seamless and positive introduction for each individual. Utilize a customizable template tailored to your company's onboarding procedure, allowing for easy modifications as your process grows and adapts.



Inspire and retain your team with exciting and interactive events.

Elevate team spirit by organizing engaging activities that bring joy to your employees. Develop an annual calendar of events and seek feedback to ensure each activity is a hit.



Streamline the approval process for leave requests.

Empower employees to effortlessly submit their vacation requests and stay informed with notifications upon approval. In cases where a request is taking longer than anticipated, managers can receive timely reminders.



Effortlessly navigate the performance review process.

Performance evaluations serve as a valuable growth opportunity for both managers and their team members. Utilize monday.com's employee management platform to seamlessly conduct meetings and monitor progress.



Effortlessly manage every workflow with precision.

Boost project productivity through streamlined automation of manual tasks, creation of customizable project boards, approvals, and timely reminders - all designed to support HR in maintaining consistent processes.


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New way of working for PMO

Integrate popular HR tools for keep optimizing

Enhance your monday work management by integrating crucial tools for your PMO teams, enabling them to streamline project operations seamlessly without the need to switch between tabs.

New way of working

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New way of working for HR

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