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Enhance the entire sales funnel across marketing, sales, and service by referring to the Persona Marketing Guidelines.


About the guideline

The persona marketing guideline is a unique guideline developed by Performars based on years of experience leading digital transformation and digital growth of various companies, as well as experiences and benchmark with global consulting firms and blue chip companies.

This guideline utilizes TBO: Think - Build - Operate as a strategy establishment, operation, and innovation process. The 3C: Customer - Content - Context framework is considered as a strategic element of digital growth and the building blocks to implement it and derive results.

Chapter I

Seize digital growth opportunities in Asia

In the digital environment, only those who constantly evolve win the market.

Digital technology advances every day and has a profound impact on how we do business. Now, companies must pursue digital transformation to win and survive in endless competition.

Firstly, as the pace of digital transformation accelerates exponentially, in order to maintain a competitive edge in the industry, it is necessary to accelerate the introduction of new digital products, services, and solutions to the market, regardless of industry.

Secondly, customers expect a seamless experience at every touchpoint. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce digital technology to make the interaction between brands and customers consistent and convenient.


ASIA, the continent of digital opportunity from a half of the world's population.

Today, 40% of global economy takes place in Asia. In addition to this, it is predicted that Asia will lead the global economy for the next 10 years or more. Meanwhile, Asia is the continent with the most digitalized countries, and business opportunities from digital customers are expected to increase explosively.

Currently, half of the world's population lives in Asian countries, and the number of people living in major Asian cities is increasing by more than 120,000 every day. Asia will soon become the world's largest production base of products and services as well as the world's largest consumer market.


Marketing strategies and resources applicable to various cultures are required to win Digital Asia.

A ‘marketing strategy’ based on market-customer insights is more important than anything else for successful business establishment in overseas or new markets.

Success in Asia never comes easy. As diverse races and cultures are intertwined, a proper understanding of the countries in the Asia is necessary. If you want to win this market, you will have to take a long-term approach. This is because the region is very diverse in terms of linguistic, cultural differences, political maturity and digitalization behavior from country to country.




Chapter II

Develop your marketing persona.

The effectiveness of persona marketing

Fortune 500 companies are implementing persona marketing, such as Walmart, McDonald's, Intel, Thomson Reuters, Novartis, and Salesforce.

In particular, after COVID-19, as digital customers demand a personalized experience, companies are increasingly interested in persona marketing as an answer to this.

The results of companies that have introduced persona marketing are:

  • 93% of businesses exceed potential customers and sales
  • 6x increase in customer engagement compared to traditional advertising messaging
  • Website stay time increased by 9 times
  • Direct sales increase through marketing 171%
  • 3~4 marketing personas account for 90% of total sales
  • Double the advertising effect
  • 2-5 times increase in website visitors
  • 18 times more sales than existing e-mails with personalized e-mail
  • Email open rate doubled, click-through rate increased 5x
  • 81% of customers are willing to pay for a premium

Case study - Intel

Successful persona marketing result into:
  • Achieved over 75% of marketing campaign performance
  • 48% cost savings
  • Sales contribution of marketing increased by 175%
  • 72% reduction in customer conversion time




Chapter III

Design your Customer Journey Map

Fostering a Better Customer Experience

Through the customer purchasing journey, you can understand the mind of the customer. It allows you to understand, discover and enhance the customer experience.

Discover customer touch points

Customers look at products/solutions and brands multiple times from multiple touchpoints before purchasing. By designing the customer journey to reach a purchase decision by following the touchpoint connection, you can uncover important or new touchpoint.

Female finger touching a beam of light surrounded by a connectivty concept

Improving marketing and sales strategies

Through the customer purchasing journey map, you can discover the gap between the existing strategy and reality. Ultimately, it helps you create better marketing and sales strategies.

Sustainable growth in digital performance

  • 18x faster sales cycle
  • 56% increase in cross-selling
  • 10x reduction in customer service cost
  • 5x increase in profit from customer referrals
  • 54% ROI on marketing investment.

Business woman hand typing on keyboard with online shopping concept

Chapter IV

Build your RevOps SaaS stack including data lake.

Data driven marketing system

Having a data-driven marketing system means that you can quickly obtain strategic insights from data analysis and make optimal decisions on growth strategies by validating hypotheses through immediate customer involvement.

In other words, if you want product innovation or data-based growth, you need a holistic ability to discover discriminatory strategic hypotheses through data analysis systems and make correct decisions through customer engagement.

Once you have the proper tools to collect and analyze data, you must have three competencies: strategic intuition, statistical reasoning, and data storytelling to apply for the actionable recommendation. This is a data-driven marketing system.


Marketing Technology

All technologies used by the company to provide marketing are collectively referred to as marketing technology (or martech). Martech is more than just a platform. Marketing technology introduction strategy should include understanding marketing strategies, people, processes, and ultimately the impact on customers.

Considering the latest technology trends, Martech is classified into the following 9 categories.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Advertising and search engine optimization
  • email marketing
  • Social media
  • Customer experience (messaging, AB testing)
  • Analytics (attribution, product analytics)
  • Cooperation
  • e-commerce

The marketing technology stack is a group of martech collections. The marketing technology stack is critical to business success. It allows you to efficiently manage your brand, run campaigns, leverage existing content, and attract and convert customers in a complex digital marketing environment.


Marketing Technology Stack Implementation guide

Building a marketing technology stack complies many considerations and it can be very difficult to put together the right tools and techniques. Implementing, maintaining, and optimizing martech is a complicated job.

Please follow the guide below.

Consider the Plan-People-Platforms-Process framework for Martech adoption.

  • Based on your digital growth goals and marketing strategy, identify whether to enhance your channels, provide analytics insights, or improve the customer experience.
  • Define who will adopt, manage, and enhance martech roles, and redefine them according to new and disruptive technologies.
  • Decide on which martech platforms to configure the stack to build, link, and integrate. Check in advance that martechs are well connected and interact with each other.
  • Decide on the implementation/setting of martech solutions and marketing operation methods.

Finally, the adoption of martech is approached from the perspective of finding the right partner, not finding the right technology. Partners should be able to support Martech's deployment plan and drive the speed of the project, platform adoption, stabilization and strengthening of internal team knowledge and skills.



Chapter V

Optimize Content catered to meet search intent of your personas

Even if you have persona, customer journey design, data-driven marketing system, and agile process, you can't do anything without optimized content that creates results. Creating good content that customers can respond to is fundamental for digital marketing and sales.

Follow the steps below to develop good content.

  1. Identify all important topics for your top priority content.
  2. Groups topic-related keywords into topic clusters.
  3. Get keyword data including search volume and competition with keyword research.
  4. Create a content inventory.
  5. Perform content audits and organize content by topic clusters.
  6. Use SEO tools to rate the quality of all your content.
  7. Prioritize content development through gap analysis for each topic cluster.
  8. Create a content plan - including titles, outlines, touchpoint, schedules, and more for each content within your topic cluster.
  9. Connect related content in-house and external organisations
  10. Measure the performance
  11. Repeat the above process.


Chapter VI

Lower advertising costs and increase performance through PPC optimization.

Advertising strategy

By setting customer persona, we define to whom, when, what message, what type of content, in which channel, in what way, and clarify our target activities and expectations. Set KPIs based on industry/competitor/history.


Campaign structure

Create a structure for each advertising campaign. Search ads, lead conversion ads, display ads, and campaign structures by retargeting contribute to effective expansion to target markets by quickly analyzing data and identifying improvement opportunities.


Advertisement Creatives

We create high-quality advertisements including advertisement copies, images, and videos. We refer to guidelines and best practices from Google Ads, Naver Ads, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, which are platforms where the advertising campaign will be used.


Ads budget 

How you spend your advertising budget is more important than how much you spend. The more budget you have, the more data you can analyze, but consider how you can get better results with less.



Chapter VII

Introduce Agile marketing process

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which the marketing team collectively identifies and executes high-value projects that they will collectively focus on. Agile marketing teams use sprints - short, limited focused tasks to collaboratively complete these projects.

Why an Agile Marketing approach is necessary

Agile marketing is necessary where change is unpredictable. 'Static strategy, uniform execution', which used to be the practice, is no longer appropriate.

Now it is required to change the process for 'dynamic strategy, flexible execution' in response to the changing environment.

To survive in these times, you need to be agile. That means it should be 'fast and accurate'.
The goal of Agile Marketing is not only to improve the speed of marketing access to customers, but also to increase predictability, transparency and adaptability.

By applying agile marketing, painstaking failures can be reduced, and execution methods can be continuously improved to transform into customer-centered and optimized marketing.


Chapter VIII

Partner with Persona CRM marketing solution experts.

Establish result-oriented marketing strategies for digital marketing activities in new markets and creates digital marketing results by using marketing tactics and methodologies appropriate to your situations.


Marketing persona development, digital customer journey design, storytelling conceptualization, content and campaign planning, custom KPI setting

Content creation

Campaign landing page development and management, blog development and management, social media creation, search engine optimization


Marketing Operations

New lead generation, blog/social media posting, newsletter/e-mail marketing management, chatbot, Net Promoter Score, performance analysis reporting, analysis insight



CRM implementation, data-driven marketing system, solution implementation, customer tracking and web page tracking analysis, marketing/campaign activity measurement

Businessman drawing business statistics on glass wall


The main advantages are:

  • It can reduce and streamline the items need to be invested and set up for operation, such as cost, time, effort, and new policies.
  • Marketing talent with high quality and rich experience can cover complex and time-consuming marketing processes.
  • Free yourself from all types of burdens associated with creating and operating your own marketing organization for new markets.
  • You can focus more on the intrinsically important work that increases the growth strategy direction and the value and attractiveness of products/services.




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