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Difficulty in Pharma marketing for over-the-counter or ethical drugs under digital environment in Asia

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Marketing @Pharma, digital transformation along with compliance?

What does digital marketing mean to a Pharma marketer?


Recently, when pharmaceutical companies see doctors, the proportion of sales marketing using online and digital is increasing rather than traditional face-to-face. In addition, the trend of medical marketing begin to transform into digital.

Despite these trends, digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry with many sanctions and regulations is not easy.

Also, because most medicines are aimed at narrower target groups, such as doctors, pharmacists, patients, digital marketing may seem more difficult.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. You can use digital marketing that is compatible with over-the-counter and ethical drugs.


Pharmaceutical digital marketing


Over-the-counter Drugs: Content Marketing


Marketers challenges facing with over-the-counter drugs are (in several Asia countries);

1) No direct marketing of products to consumers
2) The excessive monitoring and reporting due to the sanctions of the advertising council and compliance with the advertisement public relations compliance
3) Difficulties in measuring marketing ROI
But with content marketing combined with inbound marketing, this can be solved.

With the solution, over-the-counter marketers can help transform them into potential customers and actual buyers by providing content that contains useful health and disease-related information, rather than content containing advertising messages.


Ethical Drugs : Personalized Marketing

Marketers challenges facing with ethical drugs are (in several Asia countries),

1) Cannot connect with the patient who is a consumer
2) Restrict marketing activities only in limited channels such as industrial magazines
3) Low marketing involvement of healthcare professional

Here, it can be solved through 'personal marketing'.
Ethical drug marketers can develop account-based marketing just like B2B marketers.


For example, a marketer analyzes the information of existing customers, doctors, to determine the ideal client profile and his/her digital customer journey.

With the customer information that a marketer already has, a marketer can distribute content that meets target persona's needs in real time to the channels the persona uses most often.


You can identify target marketing personas as your potential audiences, analyze real-time responses by content for each audience, and develop new marketing campaigns.



But how?

Adopt industry-specific digital marketing solutions for effective pharmaceutical digital marketing. Now, take your step closer to digital marketing success.








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