Go-to-market strategy

For your successful digital growth, insight into overseas markets/new markets and expertise in digital entry strategy are required.

What is Digital Growth Strategy?

Asia go to market strategy to secure new growth opportunities by seeking digital market entry

Research suggests that today, 40% of global economic activity occurs in Asia, and world growth is expected to continue to be led by Asia over the next decade.

Half the world’s current population lives in the many diverse nations of Asia and with population growth, Asia will not just be the biggest global producer of goods and services, but, also the biggest global consumer market.

However, succeeding in Asia is not a given. Many organisations have boldly stepped into the region and have at times, failed to gain the traction they are looking for.

Seize new opportunities with Performars, a global digital marketing company with expertise in Asian markets including Korea.

Asia Go To Market strategy in which market experts and strategy consultants participate in order to succeed in the digital market that companies want to enter such as Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In order to successfully enter the market, it is necessary to comprehensively consider marketability, business feasibility, and economic feasibility. We review the feasibility of entering the target market and establish a dedicated entry strategy foryou


Digital market entry scope

Digital Feasibility Study 

  • Digital regulation & maturity assessment
  • Digital market attractiveness
  • Digital industry and entry barrier

Digital entry options

  • Digital business case development
  • Marketing strategy scenario
  • Competition scenario
  • Digital business partner evaluation

Available countries

  • Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore
Hong Kong, China skyline panorama from across Victoria Harbor.

Seize the opportunity for digital growth.

Digital market entry strategy process

Strategies necessary for digital market entry and market expansion are completed through three steps: feasibility analysis, entry options, and partner evaluation.

Feasibility Analysis Investigate and analyze regulations, market attractiveness, and barriers to entry 
Entry option

Develop digital business cases and evaluate entry options considering competition and cooperation.

Digital partners evaluation

Investigate and analyze the digital capabilities of potential partners. Provide a long-list of candidates.

Grow by digital market expansion

Acquire new digital customer

Your digital growth strategy needs to be fast and flexible.

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Successful digital territorial expansion

Expand your boarderless business through digital products or digital marketing/sales. Access the digital market 8 times larger than Korea.

8 countries


Asian countries where the digital environment is rapidly spreading are Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

About 400 million smartphone users in 8 major countries. Indonesia 160, Vietnam 67, Myanmar 50, Korea 50, Thailand 38, Taiwan 27, Malaysia 22, Singapore 5 million


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