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Mobile Push Notifications

Be the first message customers see when they pick up their phones. Notifications are the primary traffic source for most mobile apps.

Web Push Notifications Stay in front of your customers even after they leave your site. Works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Yandex.
In-App Messages Deliver messages that create delight. Design banners, pop-ups, and interstitials; implement without a single line of code.
Email Design emails that look great on every device with the drag-and-drop composer. Customize our free templates to match your brand.

Reach customers directly on their phone for higher engagement. Communicate with customers who don’t have your app or a smartphone.

Connect with your audience the right way

Key to Success for Marketers

15 Minute Setup Our users are always shocked at how easy it is to get started.

Real-Time Reporting View delivery and conversion performance for every message.

Incredible Scalability Millions of users? No problem. We send out billions of notifications daily.

A/B Testing Compare message performance and automatically send the best.

Superior Segmentation Create personalized messages and send them to the right audiences.

Automated Messaging Set it and forget it. You can trigger notifications based on user behavior.

Intelligent Delivery Leverage machine learning to send your messages at the optimal time.

Analyze Results Anywhere Our SDKs are open source and every component is accessible via API.

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Limitless Integrations

OneSignal integrates with leading analytics, CMS, and eCommerce solutions including Amplitude, Mixpanel, Segment, HubSpot, Shopify, WordPress, and many more.

Sync audiences and user data to trigger real-time messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions for HubSpot

What is the onboarding process?

Whether you are moving millions of users or just getting started, this checklist walks through getting set up as fast as possible.

Quick Reference Details
Step 1. Setup OneSignal SDK Recommended: Use the SDK Integration.
- Discussion of API-only integration
Step 2. Migrating Current Users to OneSignal Optional: Import current users into OneSignal. Requires having previous subscribers.
Step 3. Identifying Users Recommended: Understanding OneSignal Device Record data.
- External User Ids
- Required for integrations with your database or DMP (Mixpanel, Hubspot, Segment, Amplitude, etc).
Step 4. Send OneSignal Event Data & User Attributes Optional: Add Custom User Attributes and Event data to target users with push and customize push messages.
Step 5. Outcomes Optional: OneSignal's Advance Analytics to get more insight into your messaging campaigns.
Step 6. Sending Messages Send messages to users!
How am I charged?

Growth and Professional Plans have a fixed platform fee and variable subscriber fee.
The Enterprise Plan is customized based on your requirements, best if over 150,000 subscribers.

For mobile push and web push, we charge based on subscribers, and you get unlimited volume of sends. For in-app, we charge based on impressions, since messages can be delivered to all app users regardless of whether they have subscribed.

  Growth Professional
Flat Rates $9/month $99/month
Subscribers $3 / 1000 subscribers $3 / 1000 subscribers
Delivered In-App Messages $3 / 1000 impressions $3 / 1000 impressions
  • Subscribers: Within your Paid Organization divide the Subscribed Users Count by 1000 and multiply by $3.
  • Delivered In-App Messages: If you are using In-App Messages (Mobile App Only Feature, not available for Websites), you can check your Impressions for the month, add them together. Divide by 1000 and multiply by $3.
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Performars, the Onesignal solution partner help you for your sustainable digital growth.

  • Customer retention strategy

  • Onesignal setup and onboarding

  • User support and training

  • Set up automation

  • HubSpot, Mixpanel, Shopify integration

  • Other integration

  • Order processing in Korean transaction

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