Connected Travelers:

Travelers these days own advanced smartphones which are able to deliver location-related information or news, make payments easily and deliver real-time information flows. They are also constantly connected and engaging proactively through the smartphone at every traveling moment.


Understanding Connected Travelers:

Performars provides a perfect solution by analyzing relevant travel & tourism data - allowing us to fully understand and provide insights of the Connected Travelers.

Changing Behavior Impacts how Markets Evolve


[China example] China produced 120 million outbound tourists in 2015 – with retail spend of US$229 billion

The sheer size of the millennial group within China’s travelers makes this a commercially attractive target audience.

66%  of Chinese millennials belong to the high income bracket.

50% millennials

36% 30-44 yrs

10% 45-59 yrs

Most popular destinations for Chinese travelling outside of Asia

% vs. 2011

  • 97 Europe
  • 151 North America
  • 177 Middle East

Least visited (but changing)

  • 306 Africa

Top five favorite destinations for Chinese travelers

% vs. 2011

  • 112 South Korea
  • 263 Thailand
  • 37 Hong Kong
  • 157 Japan
  • 54 Taiwan

Understanding the ever evolving consumer behavior and demand is key to shaping the best offerings

Today’s connected travelers are internet-savvy, digitally inclined and motivated by:


Freedom: Which is enabled through higher levels of convenience.

Acceleration: Speed of change has substantially increased, and will continue to do so.

Intimacy: Human connection is more valued and more sought after.

Travel businesses need to react to the demand of the connected traveler

  • Leveraging the most relevant data for best insights on what and why travelers buy and optimize experiences along the booking journey
  • Gain a ‘full picture’ market view and granular consumer insights
  • Translate these insights into action by converting big data into smart data.
  • Apply proven research approaches in innovative ways covering all sources of relevant data to obtain the most holistic view.
Being empowered to make smarter business decisions, travel companies can create winning strategies to gain competitive advantage and increase ROI

We help you prepare for tomorrow’s demand

Understanding the changing behavior of the connected traveler today

Technology innovation and digitalization, chaning booking behavior, Brand and market evolution

We help you predict the key trends that impact travel behavior.

Predictive traveler intelligence helps win the business

Understand demographics and sociographics of the connected travelers

Demographics and Sociographics of the connected travelers

Pre-trip planning

During trip

Post trip sharing

Digital travelers transition



Discussions, sentiments, buzz

Origin, destination, attributes

Sightseeing & shopping spots

Channels, categories, brands

Feedbacks, comments, social buzz

Our expertise and tools


  • Market distribution
  • Go-to-market studies
  • Travelers brand choice
Market Mapping
  • Further map from look to book
  • Vacationers decision process
  • Touch-points analysis
Digital Journey
  • Working with UX design
  • Experience design
Experience Design
  • Understanding CSAT
  • Social media analytics
  • Social impact index
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution
  • Marketing Transformation


Decision-Enabling Insights For Travel and Tourism Sectors