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All-in-one SET Service

What is the contract period?

SET service is an annual contract, based on 12 months. Inbound marketing requires at least 12 months of operation to be effective.

What countries are available?

US/EMEA SET - Basically English speaking countries are available. The United States, Canada, Commonwealth, parts of Europe, parts of Africa, India, parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand

SEA SET - Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

Korea/China SET - China, HongKong, Taiwan and Korea

What are the payment terms?

Quarterly prepaid basis.

How is the strategy structured?

Strategies (Professional, Team, Department) commonly include defining goals, campaign planning, content planning. Team and Department adds KPI setup and automated operations policies, competitive site analysis, and more. The Department includes Global/ Digital Transformation workshops. During the course of strategy development, we conduct interviews or workshops with clients.

How long does the initial content production take for SET?

It depends on the amount of pages or template we create. For initial content production, our standard delivery takes 5~7 weeks for Professional, 7~9 weeks for Team, and 9~12 weeks for Department.

SET Professional, for example by each working item, it takes 4~5 weeks to create/renew the websites (less 5pages) and landing pages (less 5 pages), and it take another 1~2 weeks for email and blog templates.

Is there an additional cost when I exceed the number of email marketing base customers?

The primary audience for email marketing is 1000/10000 customers. When the number of customers is exceeded, a fee of 50 ~ 100USD / month will be added per 1000.

Please check for more detailed pricing.

What is social account integration and integration management?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can be integrates for simple and centralized management including creating, publishing, replying, scheduling and analysing your social marketing activities.

Where does Search Engine Optimization work?

SEO applies to web pages, landing pages, blogs, PR articles.

What is included in online customer surveys?

The current pricing scheme for online surveys is based on 2 filters, 10 questions and may incur costs when adding samples/ filters/ questions.

Plan includes 100 samples for Professional, 250 for Team, and 500 for Department.

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