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Digital Marketing Training

With a solid grasp of the strategy, the effective execution of various marketing tactics becomes easier, making it easier to achieve success in the marketing campaign.

Unlock your potential for digital growth and embrace it wholeheartedly.

What is digital marketing traininng?

Being able to lead holistic digital marketing and innovation from a customer-centric perspective.

"Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business." - Peter Drucker

“When we buy a product, we essentially 'hire' something to get a job done. If it does the job well, when we are confronted with the same job, we hire that same product again." - Clayton M. Christensen

What innovation and marketing have in common is creating customers by solving their problems based on a deep understanding of them. An organization that understand digital customers rightly can turn customers into advocates and lead to organizational innovation.

Doyou have total digital marketing leadership capabilities from a customer-centric perspective?

Expected benefits

Reinforcing your Digital Marketing Competency

Customer-oriented digital competency can be improved through the digital competency strengthening training program tailored to your organization. Performars have helped Dassault Systèmes, Novartis, Midas IT, Toyota, and LG Chem improve digital competency. 

92% Improvement of customer-centric perspective
87% Leadership enhancement of digital marketing
84% Reinforcement of organizational innovation capacity
Training program

Digital marketing training & workshop

Program tailored to companies that want to strengthen overall company-wide capabilities for digital marketing

  • Essential
  • Problem-solving

Session 1

4 hours

Understanding Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Trends and Principles

Understanding Agile Marketing

AI-based digital marketing

Session 2

4 hours

Digital Marketing Strategy

Customer targetting

Marketing persona and customer journey

Content storytelling

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Session 3

16 hours

DIgital Marketing Tactics

Digital Marketing Research and NPS

Marketing data analysis & KPI

Social media marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing and Advertising

Marketing Automation

Session 1

4 hours


Customer Prioritization

Target customer

Customer insights sharing and development

Utilization of internal and external market data

Interview-based persona development

Session 2

8 hours


Discovery of customer needs based on big data

Design Thinking Ethnography

Utilize social listening tools

Understanding performance on search information and content

Utilization of keyword analysis/content analysis tools

Session 3

4 hours


Understand customers engage, reactions and behavior

Brainstorming of customer engagement strategy 

Utilizing data collection and analysis tools

Get holistic leadership in digital marketing

It often ends with a one-time training. Can you increase the ROI of training?

For successful digital transformation of our clients, Performars uses TWC, a proven training methodology. TWC is a program that allows you to continuously reflect what you learn, including Training, Workshop, and Coaching.

Training programs are developed to enhance practical digital transformation based on hands-on, cutting-edge knowledge.

The workshop drives the customer's digital transformation initiative through the Scan-Focus-Create activity. Workshops are unique and well-proven programs that can help you transition to digital in a fast-changing business environment.

Coaching motivates agile marketing methodology and continuous change for successful implementation of digital marketing.

Through this TWC methodology, the ROI of education is maximized.

How does the training program customization work?

Training programs are designed with industry-specific marketing issues and training attendees in mind.

Through a pre-meeting and consultation process, we design a customized program and apply the actual issues and related data of our clients.

In particular, Performars has an in-depth understanding of marketing and growth agenda for several industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, travel, FMCG, pets, software, cloud, and technology services.

Why should I go with Performars?

First, the professional instructors and facilitators of Performars are experts who have extensive experience in digital innovation competency strengthening projects such as global consulting and have conducted numerous corporate training programs.

Second, Performars has partnerships with about 15 leading digital marketing companies around the world, so it has a high understanding of the latest digital marketing trends and high-quality educational contents.

Lastly, while most digital marketing education is limited to tactical techniques, Performars provides holistic digital marketing education that systematically composes digital marketing strategies and tactics to secure overall leadership capabilities.


Corporate training and workshop

Cases of digital competency strengthening training and workshop with major companies conducted since 2017.

  • YEAR 2017

    • Selling with Insight, Avaya
    • Collaborative Account Management, Cummins Korea
    • Transformative Coaching Skill, Sanofi Korea
  • YEAR 2018

    • Marketing Automation with Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Google Korea
    • Marketing automation training, Midas IT
    • Digital Marketing Strategy and Practice, Gyeonggi Creative Economy Center
    • Digital Marketing Strategy and Practice, Seoul Center for Creative Economy
    • Educircle Digital Marketing Basic Education, Hansung University
  • YEAR 2019

    • Digital Marketing Intensive Training Workshop, Novartis Korea
    • Digital Marketing Education, Toyota Tsuusho
    • Digital marketing strategy and execution training, Dassault Systèmes
    • Digital Marketing Innovation Strategy Training, Sunjin
  • YEAR 2020

    • Inbound Marketing and Strategic Thinking, LG Life Sciences
    • Digital Marketing Lecture, Hanyang Women's University
    • Marketing AI Lecture Program, Homeplus
    • Digital marketing education and strategy workshop, SB solution
Digital Marketing Competency Enhancement

Achieving Digital Transformation through strengthening digital marketing capabilities

The only smartest way to keep growing
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Strengthening customer-oriented digital marketing and innovation capabilities

Strengthen your internal capabilities for digital growth.

Advocacy customers can be expected to increase
Breakthrough cost effectiveness can be achieved.
Digital customer insight can be strengthened.
Real-time customer service capabilities can be developed.