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SERVICE Hub Features

Knowledge Base Software

Make it easy for customers to find information and free up your team's time to help them succeed.


Give your customers the power to discover the assistance they require.

Every single customer holds immense value. However, when your support team is continuously occupied with addressing trivial and straightforward inquiries, they can quickly become overwhelmed and have limited time to tackle more significant challenges.

Empower your customers to find the assistance they need effortlessly through HubSpot's cutting-edge knowledge base software. Craft informative help articles, categorize them meticulously into relevant sections and subcategories, and attach appropriate search terms for easy retrieval. Witness the exponential surge in productivity of your support team when they finally have ample time to concentrate on intricate and unique cases.

Live Article view

Build your own library of help articles.

Transform your customers' commonly asked support inquiries and tickets into a meticulously optimized knowledge hub of helpful articles and comprehensive documentation. Personalize the appearance and ambiance of your knowledge base to seamlessly align with your brand, categorize your articles effectively, and effortlessly preview their display on various devices.

Enhance the productivity of your support team.

Boost the efficiency of your support team by eliminating time wasted on repetitive inquiries. HubSpot's complimentary CRM automatically logs the articles customers have accessed, preventing your team from sending redundant information. With your knowledge base serving as a convenient customer service resource, your team can effortlessly discover answers to unfamiliar questions.

Monitor and analyze the effectiveness and utilization of your knowledge base.

Simply creating articles and hoping for the best is not enough. Take advantage of the built-in reporting dashboard to gauge the effectiveness of your pages and continuously enhance your knowledge base.

Discover what your customers are seeking and identify any gaps in your knowledge base. Then, utilize these valuable insights to bridge those content gaps and transform your knowledge base into a more comprehensive and invaluable resource.

The ROI of the HubSpot platform

Companies that use HubSpot grow better.



Deal Close Rate

After just 12 months of using HubSpot's sales software, customers experience an astounding 78% surge in their deal close rate.


Inbound Leads

After utilizing HubSpot's marketing software for a year, customers were amazed by the remarkable 129% increase in their incoming leads.


Ticket Close Rate

Customers who use HubSpot's customer service software for just 12 months experience a 37% increase in their ticket close rate.

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