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SALES Hub Features

Sales Playbook Tools

Elevate your sales game with interactive playbooks that arm your reps with the latest sales plays, scripts, guides, and more.


Bring consistency to your sales process.

Take the hesitation out of your sales process and empower your reps to adapt quickly to every situation. Whether they’re qualifying, negotiating, or tackling new verticals, HubSpot’s playbooks feature ensures sellers can log data effortlessly and have easy access to the content and info they need to close the deal.

Playbooks are interactive cards displayed in the CRM. When speaking with prospects and customers, your sellers can access these for guidance and to create structured notes that are directly saved in the HubSpot CRM platform.

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Establish trust with every lead.

Whether your sellers are on a discovery call or in a demo, being able to ask the right questions at the right time is vital to connecting with your buyers. Empower your reps to focus on uncovering deeper insights instead of having to think about what to ask next. Easily tailor your playbooks to different buyer personas, stages, regions, and situations, so the right playbook is presented to the right rep at the right place and time.

Unlock reliable sales data at scale.

Getting sales reps to use a CRM is one thing, but having them input data correctly is another. Sellers hate logging notes post-call, which is why playbooks are so easy to love. It takes the pain out of taking notes and the effort out of logging them. Playbooks turn your once messy notes into reliable and reportable data points. Customize your playbooks with multiple-choice options or text fields for easy note-taking.

Arm your teams with the most up-to-date sales collateral.

Teams spend a lot of energy creating effective sales resources, but with markets, products, and buyers always changing, naturally these resources eventually grow stale. Soon new versions pop up, and before long, reps are cluttered and overwhelmed. Playbooks help your sellers adapt quickly and stop them from relying on outdated materials. Once you update a playbook in the HubSpot CRM platform, your reps immediately have the latest versions available to them.

Ramp your teams up faster and more efficiently.

The ability to generate quality pipelines and close deals is a muscle that grows over time. Playbooks help reps sell better, and faster. Simply infuse best practices and insights from top performers into your playbooks, and your sellers get into the habit of building that strength. And because all of it is located in HubSpot’s CRM tools, you have the usage data and insights you need to report, coach better, and make data-driven decisions about what resources to update or create.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is sales playbook software?

Sales playbook software lets teams create shareable documents that equip sellers with best practices, tactics, and strategies for different stages of the selling process. It outlines what a rep should do in a specific selling situation, such as prospecting, nurturing, or pitching a specific product.

How do HubSpot's playbooks help sales reps?

Playbooks most importantly help reps focus on selling and not on the administration. As playbooks are saved on the contact record and map data to contact properties, sellers don’t need to manually log notes and activities. The guidance and structure playbooks provide also encourage reps to stay in the conversation and move it forward without the risk of getting distracted.

Are HubSpot's playbooks only for sales reps?

No, the use case for playbooks extends well beyond sales teams and could just as well be used by customer success or service teams. Any team that requires guidance during face time with customers or leads could benefit from HubSpot’s playbook software.

Do I need to create playbooks from scratch?

That is an option, but HubSpot provides you with templates to get you started quickly. HubSpot provides you with both a discovery call and a qualification call playbook. While these playbooks will work out of the box, we recommend that you take the time to adjust the playbook for your industry, buyer, and seller’s needs.

The ROI of the HubSpot platform

Companies that use HubSpot grow better.



Deal Close Rate

After just 12 months of using HubSpot's sales software, customers experience an astounding 78% surge in their deal close rate.


Inbound Leads

After utilizing HubSpot's marketing software for a year, customers were amazed by the remarkable 129% increase in their incoming leads.


Ticket Close Rate

Customers who use HubSpot's customer service software for just 12 months experience a 37% increase in their ticket close rate.

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