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SALES Hub Features

Sales Automation Tools

Use workflows to automate lead rotation, create tasks, and streamline prospect follow-up with sequences.


Automate your follow-up and put time back into your day.

Sales reps have a lot on their plate. Wasting time with repetitive tasks can lead to inefficiency, frustration, and even lost sales. Save time and prevent prospects from slipping through the cracks with HubSpot's sales automation tools.

Create flows of timed personalized emails, A/B test different messaging, and queue up automated follow-up tasks for each prospect — so you never lose touch. Choose from a list of email templates and task options, and enroll a contact right from your HubSpot inbox. Enroll up to 50 prospects in a sequence at once.


Personalize your automated sales emails.

Save your sales emails from becoming impersonal. Personalize your messages and create valuable human connections with your prospects. Increase your response rates by tailoring your email sequences with information from your HubSpot CRM database.

Streamline your sales process with workflows.

Use workflows to rotate leads, create deals, and automate tasks. Manage your data in bulk by updating properties, copying values, and more. Trigger notifications for your team when a contact takes meaningful action. Easily add tasks to alert your sales team about contacts they should follow up with.
AB Testing 2

Unlock the science of prospecting.

Test, observe, and measure the impact of your sequences at every step. Run A/B tests on your sequence sales emails to optimize your messaging and maximize your outreach strategy with deal outcome reports to uncover what sequences generate the most revenue.

Connect with the apps your team already uses.

You don't need to waste time training your team on new sales software. HubSpot’s sales automation tools work seamlessly with Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, and Office 365 for Windows. Enroll contacts in sequences right from Gmail or Outlook for desktop so you never lose touch.

The ROI of the HubSpot platform

Companies that use HubSpot grow better.



Deal Close Rate

After just 12 months of using HubSpot's sales software, customers experience an astounding 78% surge in their deal close rate.


Inbound Leads

After utilizing HubSpot's marketing software for a year, customers were amazed by the remarkable 129% increase in their incoming leads.


Ticket Close Rate

Customers who use HubSpot's customer service software for just 12 months experience a 37% increase in their ticket close rate.

Popular Features in Sales Hub

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