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Social Media Management Software

Time-saving tools to help you prioritize your social interactions — so you can connect with the people who matter most.


Connect with people you care about on each social platform.

Spend less time monitoring social media, and more time nurturing relationships.

Use HubSpot's social media management software to publish content to social networks from the same place you build campaigns; set up keyword monitoring so you never miss a mention; and link all your interactions back to your CRM so you have contextual conversations and can report on social media ROI.


Build and publish social media campaigns with ease.

Use HubSpot's AI-powered social post generator [public beta] to quickly draft and publish content directly to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Save even more time by connecting your social accounts to your blog and automatically share content as it’s published. Get suggestions for the best times to post so you can schedule content for the best times for your audience.

Monitor social mentions to never miss a conversation with people who matter.

Create keyword monitoring streams for people on your team so they can surface critical interactions, and trigger email alerts to Sales when prospects mention a specific keyword. Social interactions in HubSpot get linked to real people in your database, so you can get deep context and prioritize conversations.

Report on social media marketing ROI.

Out-of-the-box social reports compare the performance of different platforms, campaigns, and publishing times. Because HubSpot integrates with your CRM, you can see the visits, leads, and customers social media is generating for your company.

Social media management made simple.

Manage social media with ease by associating social posts with relevant marketing campaigns. The campaigns tool in HubSpot allows you to tag related marketing assets and content, so you can easily measure the effectiveness of your collective marketing efforts and see how your social posts impact your larger marketing strategy.

The ROI of the HubSpot platform

Companies that use HubSpot grow better.



Deal Close Rate

After just 12 months of using HubSpot's sales software, customers experience an astounding 78% surge in their deal close rate.


Inbound Leads

After utilizing HubSpot's marketing software for a year, customers were amazed by the remarkable 129% increase in their incoming leads.


Ticket Close Rate

Customers who use HubSpot's customer service software for just 12 months experience a 37% increase in their ticket close rate.

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