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Agile marketing process

Are you looking to thrive in an ever-changing market landscape filled with uncertainty?

With agile marketing, you can skillfully adapt to market shifts by embracing growth projects that are collectively focused on through sprints - a dynamic and targeted approach to work.

What is Agile marketing?

Agile marketing is a dynamic marketing strategy that embraces rapid learning and harnesses the power of collective intelligence.

Agile marketing is a collaborative approach that identifies high-value projects for marketing teams to focus on together. These teams utilize sprints, which are short, targeted tasks, to effectively complete projects in a collective manner.

With agile marketing, teams can swiftly publish campaigns, websites, and relevant content, continuously refining them based on performance. This approach empowers businesses to promptly respond to market changes and adjust their customer approach accordingly.

Does your marketing strategy enable your company to adapt swiftly to market changes?

Expected benefits of Agile marketing

Agile marketing brings about significant improvements.

Vodafone, HSBC, DELL, ING, Thermo Fisher, IBM, and General Mills are consistently enhancing their marketing strategies by implementing agile marketing techniques that focus on customer needs and optimization. Source: Andrea Fryrear

93% Faster market access
87% Team productivity
80% Project prioritization improvement
80% Customer offering improvement
Why Agile Marketing

Use cases

Innovate your digital marketing by employing Agile marketing methodology.

Strategy to come alive

In the ever-evolving landscape of today's world, sticking to a single strategy can be challenging. It is crucial to continually develop appropriate strategies that align with the changing circumstances. By embracing agile marketing, we can enhance predictability, transparency, and adaptability while minimizing the risk of 'failure'.

Continuous enhancement of customer experience

Scrum empowers agile marketing teams to prioritize customer-centricity, putting themselves in the customer's shoes. With Agile marketing, customer needs are swiftly met, and the content required to drive purchasing decisions is readily available. This relentless focus on enhancing the customer experience sets us apart.

Continuous campaign improvement

Agile marketing emphasizes the creation of a 'Minimum Viable Campaign (MVC)', where a concise marketing strategy and execution are presented to your customers. This enables you to gauge customer reactions and constantly enhance your campaigns. By enhancing the speed at which you approach customers, you can establish an optimized marketing approach that revolves around their needs.

Improving Marketing Productivity

By assembling a dynamic marketing team, you gain a crystal-clear understanding of the inner workings. This team harnesses the power of Scrum, utilizing essential meetings such as the 'Sprint Planning Meeting', the 'Daily Scrum Meeting', the 'Sprint Review Meeting', and the 'Sprint Retrospective Meeting'. Through the seamless execution of each meeting and its integration, productivity soars to new heights.

Optimization of Marketing Resources and Spending

Agile marketing teams employ small tests to gauge results, enabling informed investment decisions and identifying areas for new resource allocation. Furthermore, these tests foster swift discussions within the team or across the organization on the impact of marketing resources.

Improve communication between teams

Agile marketing goes beyond the boundaries of marketing teams and instead fosters collaboration among different teams. In order to achieve the most optimal results, active communication becomes crucial. The implementation of agile marketing enhances communication between teams, leading to improved outcomes.


Seize the opportunity for digital growth

The process of adopting agile marketing.

Performars offers a well-structured guide to embracing agile marketing with ease and efficiency.

Diagnosis for agile marketing adoption

Assessment of the present condition of the digital growth strategy, organizations embracing agile marketing, both internal and external marketing teams, available resources, digital marketing operations, and communication methods, among others.

Agile marketing Training and Workshop Boost your marketing team's agility with our comprehensive training program. Our expert guidance will equip you with the knowledge and skills to implement agile marketing strategies effectively. Through engaging workshops, we explore essential strategic elements for agile marketing development, including crafting marketing personas and mapping out the customer's purchasing journey. Join us to enhance your team's performance and achieve marketing success.
Scrum team organization with test run

As per the marketing agenda for the workshop, we create an innovative marketing campaign and assemble a dedicated scrum team to execute 4 sprints, spaced two weeks apart.

We actively participate in scrum team meetings, offering valuable guidance and coaching.

Adopt Agile Marketing

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Transform your organization into a customer-centric, agile powerhouse with the power of agile marketing.
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Even uncertainty can be another opportunity with an agile marketing methodology. 


Marketers' response speed to change is improved


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