What is Marketing Automation

It can be difficult to balance everything you need to do while also making sure your marketing is hitting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, to successfully generate new business. That’s why we’ve seen many companies turn to marketing automation. 

91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing.

Marketing automation, refers to software that exists with the goal of executing marketing actions (i.e publishing social media posts, sending out emails, and so on) without any manual effort. This software can nurture prospects with helpful content that is meant to convert them into loyal customers.

Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

1. Increase Efficiency
Once customers make a purchase, they are immediately added to the “customers” list in the automation platform. When inquiries are made on your website, they are immediately added to a “lead” list. As the system gathers more information about contacts, you can create a workflow that triggers specific actions at specific times, delivering automatic communications that feel customized. 

2. Personalize Communications
Content is only king if it’s the right message, reaching the right person at the right time. Marketing automation allows you to adapt messages to match the specific needs of each customer. You can design content that corresponds to a lead’s behavior during the lead nurturing process, and schedule that content to be delivered in response to specific lead behavior. 

3. Get Better Data
Marketing automation is an analytics goldmine because it enables you to collect and analyze customer data from multiple digital marketing channels. Marketing automation systems give you access to this info across all of your channels for all contacts on one, unified dashboard. This enables you to use historical consumer behavior data to improve your targeting. 

4. LEADS generation and nurturing
Using your marketing automation system for lead nurturing can provide insights into what is holding up a purchase decision, then guide leads throughout the sales funnel until they are ready to buy. Your ability to respond to a lead and establish a relationship until they engage with the company’s products and services is essential. 

5. LEAD scoring 

Marketing automation also allows for lead scoring, in which the tool assigns each lead a given score/grade based on their behavior and interest in specific products and services. This gives your business the information needed to determine where the lead is in the sales funnel, including how likely a lead is to make a purchase. So, you can focus on hot leads rather than pursuing cold leads.

Performars on Marketing Automation

William Ho

William Ho

Marketing Technology Advisor

Expert in Marketing Technology and Data Management Platform. In-depth understanding of automation softwares on cloud infrastructure.

Richard Jo

Richard Jo

Automation Strategist

Deep understanding and hands-on experience of Marketing automation with strategy shaping capability