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Performars' unique five approaches to help succeed for your cross cultural marketing

1. Cost-effective marketing strategy

Based on our proven effective global marketing methodology and abundant experiences, we provide the practical and no frill marketing plan.

2. Optimal Market Research

Our digital consumer data providers and local market insight experts throughout Asia can deliver the fact-based target market story telling to our client.

3. Leveraging Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing, our core philosophy focuses on attracting customers, or leads, via company-created digital content, thereby having potential customers come to the company rather than marketers vying for their attention.

4. Maximizing MarTech

Our capability is not just introduce marketing technology - HubSpot and LeadForensics, while we help improve the core digital competences of our client.

5. Marketing & Sales alignment

Helping marketing and sales teams unite around a single revenue cycle, they dramatically improve marketing ROI, sales productivity, and top-line growth.

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