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Headache about managing a variety of marketing touchpoints, while wanting to take advantage of data insight.

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Growth Marketing? Too many touchpoints to be managed 

As a startup marketer, I am responsible for a various marketing tasks. They are planning, Photoshop, Social Media Posting, Statistical Analysis, Campaign Planning, Bulk Emailing, Image Variation, Advertising Execution, Report Writing, Website Development, Landing Page coding.

Customers are not only people I need to communicate with. Communication with partners and investors is also required. I need to prepares emails, websites, related materials, and design materials for them.

We know what parts of our website we need to improve through Google Analytics, and we're also automating a lot of remarketing through Facebook Pixel ads. We are using our marketing skills to share data analysis dashboards with the entire team in our company. Thus, we can discuss what is wrong and select and implement the improvements.

For example, more than 50% of customer funnels come from Google Display Ads, with more than 90% of their bounces and a significant drop in return visits. To improve this, first of all, in addition to display advertising, SEO and SNS will be further strengthened. And to reduce bounces, the landing page can be more concise, intuitive, and switchable.


What digital marketing should be used for our business? 

We make decisions fast and make the most out of the data we need.

But when you have to run digital marketing, it should be quicker and more effective, otherwise you would be fail in the market faster than you assumed. You're free to manage most of your advertising accounts, but there are always shortages of people and agencies. In addition, although data is being secured continuously, we want to obtain practical and readily available insights by combining data.

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