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Search Engine Optimization - increase organic traffic

On-page SEO

Also known as on-site SEO, it regroups the techniques that directly impact the content or the html code of a specific webpage.

Off-page SEO 

As opposed to on-page SEO, activities outside of a website such as backlinks or social media will increase your referencing.

Technical SEO

Make sure that users have a positive experience and make the browser's robots life easier to understand your website.

Content Strategy

The most crucial aspect to SEO is to have good quality content written for the users and not robot crawlers.

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SEO is an art

A good entrepreneur can turn an average idea into a successful business by working with passion, like an artist. On the other side, a good idea can turn into a mediocre business if not supported by the amount of work required to make it work.

You have the ideas, we have the passion, let's make our businesses blossom.

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Rank 10th and lose opportunities. Rank 1st & let opportunities come to you


Keywords strategy

Knowing your audience is one thing, but knowing what to do with the data is the real deal. You need to research, create and implement a keyword strategy based on the data collected. Whether it is for webpages, landing pages, or content creation, what is the purpose of ranking for a keyword that is not related to your business?


Organic traffic is the most reliable source of traffic on a website. SEM campaigns could be stopped, but SEO is 24/7 365 days per year no matter what. If on-page seo, off page seo, and technical seo are well done, you will increase quality traffic and thus your leads, conversions, brand awareness, etc...

SEO is difficult, challenging but rewarding

"SEO is a free way to increase traffic, leads, or conversions". No! SEO consultant is a full time job and it requires people with the right skill sets to achieve great results. In other hands, you need to invest in the right talent. But once you start reaping what you saw few months ago, SEO can make your business reach the next level.

SEO should be well align with your holistic digital marketing.

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