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Bloomreach Segment and audience builder

Segmentation and Audience Builder

Thanks to the powerful segmentation feature integrated into the experience-building and deployment process, the right customers can now consistently see the right message across all touchpoints.

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Ready-to-use segment building

Utilize a user-friendly UI designed to empower skilled segment builders to define segments based on demographic attributes and behavioral event data. Connect to all data sources using frontend or API, leveraging insights gained to take decisive actions. Enjoy virtually unlimited segmentation capabilities and explore content personalization through individual customer views.

Easier and more advanced segmentation

Even without extensive knowledge in development or data science, you can define unique metrics and user-defined attributes based on past and real-time customer behavior (e.g., CLTV, purchase frequency, days until birthday). Over time, visualize customer movement between segments and trigger real-time communication in sessions where customers belong to new segments.

customer journey
customer journey

Email and messaging integration

Focus on revenue generation through campaigns, rather than internal obstacles in delivery. Don't wait for files containing the target user's email. As a marketer, you can build potential customers in just a few minutes without needing to submit requests to anyone. Understand the potential impact of your campaigns by checking the real-time calculation of potential customers and adjust the criteria for selection that you deem appropriate. You can also perform this task for SMS, targeted ads, and other channels.

A variety of tools, all from a single source of information.

Utilize a range of options, from web hooks to API integrations, to seamlessly share real-time customer segments using all the tools in your technology stack. These tools have a significant impact on the customer experience, whether it's in the field or within your app sessions. Maintain consistency in your messaging by sharing a unified understanding of your customers throughout the entire transaction stack.
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Use Bloomreach Engagement to implement segment and audience builders for your website.

Can I use segments defined in Bloomreach with other tools?

Yes, there are various options available for integration between Bloomreach and other vendors, including personalized tag managers, webhooks, and backend API integration, allowing for seamless collection of segments by different tools.

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