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Grow your business by learning why users convert, engage and retain

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Analyze, measure, and improve your product
experiences over and over again

Better products, faster

Gather deeper insights about your product so you can build, measure, and learn quicker than ever.

Powerful analytics for all

Give people at all technical levels the ability to self-serve answers and make data-informed decisions.

Create product-led growth

Know why users convert, engage, and retain so you can make product improvements that they love.

Launch with confidence

Discover which feature releases, experiments, and engagement campaigns truly moved your metrics.

Data analysis chart and graphs

Mixpanel is a user behavior analysis platform across your sites and apps.


We are Mixpanel Partner and we can help you accelerate innovation & deliver a new customer experience

1/ Collect Accurate Data

Track user behavior in real-time on any platform. The data is trustworthy and accessible within seconds.

2/ Identify Trends

Create easy to understand user experience reports for funnel conversion, retention, and freeform analysis. 

3/ Understand the why

Understand the reasons as to why an event is happening. Predict the likelihood of each users to take a specific action.

4/ Set Goals & Create Hypothesis

Experiment multiple ideas and see which one is drive more user engagement, more sales, less support calls, etc...

5/ Take Action

Track, collect, analyze, adapt, try, do it again. 

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We can help you understand better its product and its customers


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User analytics infrastructure

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