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Siloed marketing operation, while the digital customer experience of your brand gets worse?

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Marketing that fragmented and siloed. Will this work for digital marketing?

I am a brand marketing manager in a large enterprise in a consumer packaged goods industry.

Our marketing team has about 30 people. Our work is fragmented in a marketing team. It seems correct to say that it is thoroughly segmented. It consists of company-wide promotional team, brand marketing team, design team and integrated communication team. I'm in the brand marketing team.

My brand is a premium product in our company. Half of my work involves new product development and testing, and the other half involves some marketing planning and campaigning. We also manage channel sales. That's why there are many regional marketing and agency support events for high-income customers. The design team and the integrated communication team are assisted by the marketing campaign.

In fact, we meet with each team and discuss the campaign, but without clear guidelines for the schedule and output, it doesn't work well. I have very little authority. The budget is under sales support control, and the telemarketing team carries out customer involvement, so the brand concept can only be delivered during the cross-functional meetings.

My brand can use a variety of digital media, but since the marketing communications team is in charge, I'm primarily involved in content planning from a brand management strategy perspective. For example, 'This is an event for the 30-year-old housewife in Gangnam area, and I hope this kind of information comes out on Facebook.'


What digital marketing should look like for our business? 

First and foremost, any marketing campaign need to be more integrated. Because of an organization's structure and responsibility given, it is limited to have an integrated view and implementation for our customer's seamless brand experience.

Secondly, a marketing chatbot needs to be implemented for better customer experience.

Ultimately, the advanced digital marketing process should be considered with the digital marketing CoE(Center of Excellence). Manual works can be done by shared service, data-driven insight can be provided by big data or AI marketing unit. 


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