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Training Purpose

Enhance your marketing competencies to achieve successful digital marketing innovation

Why Performars 

      • Experts in innovative competency enhancement
      • Consistent supply of high quality global content
      • Maximizing training ROI through practical implementation support
      • Holistic digital marketing training to strengthen marketing strategy and tactics
      • Integrated program for both business and technology capability improvement 



  1. Understanding Digital Marketing | Concepts, Use Cases, Agile Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Transformation and Application | Strengthen marketing programs and memberships, secure and operate data systems and marketing governance

  3. Digital Marketing Execution Strategy | Lead nurturing through inbound marketing, sales & marketing alignment, marketing automation

  4. Customer Understanding for Digital Marketing | Digital customer understanding methodology, persona building process and how to use it

  5. Digital marketing optimization | Search Engine Optimization, marketing hub blog operation, Social network service marketing

  6. Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign | Digital campaign strategy, email marketing campaigns, campaign analysis, and reporting


2 Day or 3 Days



On Demand

Training Venue
On Demand


Training Resource
  • Templates
  • Data analytics tools
  • Automation tools
  • Online survey tools
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