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Marketing Persona Development

Leading meat brand could make effective marketing campaign with extensive persona development 

Meat buyer persona has been development based on optimal customer survey with in-depth interview. Also, by employing ethnography research method, the leading agricultural supplier could have a deeper customer persona which used for the entire digital marketing campaign. 

Marketing Persona Development

B2B target persona increases the new sales opportunities

Sales engagement of corporate HR training company requires to meet more lines of business than before. It was critical to understand each LOB decision makers by industry and by function, in order to focus more beneficial accounts. By developing B2B target persona, the company could increase more leads from the targeted industry and sales engagement become more persuasive.

Digital Consumer Journey Design

Healthcare brand understand customer digital journey for improved CX 

Identifying customer digital journey could provide meaningful insights on marketing strategy especially media priority for each developed persona. By implementing A/B test, the marketing campaign even become more optimized and it turns into improved customer experience.

Website/eCommerce analysis

Behaviour analysis help increase the sales conversion rate

Customer visiting the website have purchase intentions in several cases. Global brand has set to track and identify those specific traffic made by visitor, so to try to increase conversion rate of sales closing. It provided the insight of direct traffic which continue their journey for buying at eCommerce.



No. 1 Crowdfunding company secures systematic sales process with HubSpot CRM

Asia leading company in crowdfunding industry have adopted HubSpot as a CRM to strengthen their sales processes to generate and nurture sales leads and to systematically manage customer and company information. Since the introduction, all sales activities have been gained visibility, and the information of customers is shared by related teams, enabling them to formulate and approach deeper customer strategies. Performars helped the client transform into real-time CRM based sales process.


Korea's world-class software company integrates inbound marketing and sales and strengthens personalized marketing.

Global CAD and engineering software company have introduced HubSpot as an inbound marketing strategy that integrates all company-wide marketing and sales efforts. More than 200,000 B2B customer contact data are stored, allowing marketing and sales teams to understand in real time how each individual prospect and customer respond to all of their marketing activities. Marketing and Sales team collaborate effectively on common business goal. Performars helped the client entire digital inbound marketing transformation.


Global company quickly launch global marketing campaigns in each country while strengthening brand consistency

In global digital marketing campaigns, the challenge was to create a design with agility while maintaining brand consistency and brand tone. In each country, the type of work that marketers commissioned their local marketing agencies to carry out digital marketing was time-consuming and difficult to maintain brand consistency. Performars solved the issue by introducing HubSpot, so the company could update the brand template in real time, and manage access of marketers in each country for localizing them.



Consumer electronics company use survey responses to new products immediately for digital marketing campaigns

Gaining customer insights and immediately incorporating them into marketing efforts is critical. Performars help the client realize that. The consumer electronics company headquartered in Korea surveyed potential customers through Survey Monkey, and used them as a remarketing target by listing respondents who answered positively to the specific questions. By knowing the responses to the survey, the company could create a personalized message. This allowed the company to further refine an existing marketing persona and doubled the lead turnover rate.


Asia Market Entry

Beauty electronics brand to get a sense of Vietnamese consumer

Prior to making market entry to Vietnam, the beauty consumer electronics brand could understand the consumer needs and styling behavior. With the insight, the brand could develop the effective go to market channels. Successful marketing event and social media engagement have followed by.

Asia Market Entry

Think about the difference of consumer in each 6 SEA countries

Consumer behaviors are different over each cultural market for an homogeneous household product. SEA consumers are more ethical buyers and travel retail buyers than NEA consumers. The global brand have reconsiderred the target market for the new product launching.

DIgital Transformation

Digital marketing transformation prompted the way of marketing work

After the innovative digital marketing training and workshop, a leading pharmaceutical company could change the way of marketing work. Not only for the perspective change form product-driven to consumer-driven, but also for the working style from agency dependent to self-service activities.

Digital Transformation

Agile marketing adoption for digital product development

When it comes to digital product development, extensive user analysis is critical for every engaged teams. Agile marketing adopted from the beginning of UX design to customer acquisition.

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