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Ways to adapt marketing in an uncertain world

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Alive Strategy

For these days, it is hard to just follow one strategy, since its fast-changing world. It is better to make a strategy on a time basis. Through agile marketing, it is possible to make an adaptable strategy by right time.

Better communications

While agile marketing is not just for one team. It is rather a collaboration between all the relevant teams. It is required to have active communications to make the best performance. When your company adopts agile marketing, it is likely to have better communication among the teams.

Make Uncertain Situations to Opportunities
Since digital is ever-evolving through everywhere, it is hard to avoid the bullet called 'uncertain situations'. But don't worry, if you leverage agile marketing methodology, uncertain situations can become other opportunities.
Reflective improvement from mistakes
Agile marketing is all about making MVC, a Minimum Viable Campaign, which follows little strategy and little execution. This can reduce small or big mistakes since MVC  will show the reactions of the customers. Learn quickly from mistakes and make improvements of your product or service through agile process.
agile marketing

Be smaller, faster, and more responsive with Agile Marketing


Agile Marketing is adaptable when the environment is like this, meaning ever-changing, fast transitions are happening. Given the situation, nowadays, the so-called 'big strategy, big launch' is not quite right, 'small strategy, small launch' is more suitable. You need to be fast and also precise to survive.

The goals of Agile Marketings are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of marketing function.
By adopting agile marketing, you can surely reduce big mistakes and also make and execute an adequate marketing strategy with execution. 
The last but not the least, you can satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of marketing that solves problems and create value. 

agile marketing
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Enhance seamless customer experience and team productivity of yours


Team Productivity

By structuring the agile marketing team, you will have clear view of ways of working, such as SCRUM. In SCRUM, there are 4 meetings, 'sprint planning meeting', 'Daily Scrum meeting', 'Sprint Review meeting' and 'Sprint retrospective meeting'. Through those, you can experience improved productivity since each meetings has its own objectives. 

Measure your marketing efforts 

Agile marketing teams run small tests, measuring the results, and investing more over time in what works. This emphasis on measurability improves marketing’s ability to communicate its contribution.


Improve customer experience 

Since customer needs are met quickly and customers get clear and honest information that they need to make a buying decision, satisfaction of customer tends to increase. Because agile marketing is all about catching up the latest situations and get ready with it even before customers find out. 


Enhance internal communication

Communication tends to improve within the marketing team itself, through the daily scrum meetings. By conducting agile marketing,  everyone knows what other people are working on and what obstacles they might be encountering.


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