Digital Marketing & AI Training/Workshop

Digital Transformation

Merging Digital Marketing with AI will make Marketing reach the next level

Digital Marketing Training/Workshop Business AI Training/Workshop


Strategy, then tactics

No tactics can be properly implemented without strategy understanding and directions.

So, we would bring core training courses for holistic digital marketing principles first, then separated hands on modules.


Training/Workshop Customization

We take consideration of industrial specific marketing issues and client's training attendee when deliver our training. 

For several industries - including the healthcare, pharmaceutical, travel, FMCG, pet, software, cloud, technology service, we have deeper understanding about the marketing and growth issues.


Continuous Reflective Leanring

We pursue the reflective learning with our proven methodology TWC for capability transformation. TWC stands for Training, Workshop and Coaching.

Our Training program is designed for enhancing innovation based on hands-on practice with cutting edge knowledge.

Our customized Workshop is to derive client digital marketing initiatives through scan-focus-create activities. Our workshop is the unique and effective program with proven track records from various clients and industries helping transformation under the fast-changing business environment.

Our Coaching provides agile marketing methodologies and skills for the successful implementation of digital marketing. 


Transform with ease

Your business and personal digital marketing transformation will never be easier with Performars.

We help you equip with digital capability

Continuous reflective digital marketing learning

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing Training/ Workshop 

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Digital marketing training designed for enhancing innovation based on hands-on practice with cutting edge knowledge. Supporting successful digital marketing execution to maximize training ROI.

Digital Marketing Training/Workshop
Artificial Intelligence 

Business AI Training/ Workshop

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Designed to give practical know-how on how to apply artificial intelligence directly or with external help. We hope to help you from the foundation stages of artificial intelligence to the application of successful business operations.

Business AI Training/Workshop

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