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Training Purpose

Designed to give practical know-how on how to apply artificial intelligence directly or with external help. We hope to help you from the foundation stages of artificial intelligence to the application of successful business operations.

Why Performars 

  • Artificial Intelligence training program for business innovation
  • Expert pool of innovative competency enhancement
  • Consistent supply of high quality global content
  • Maximizing training ROI through practical implementation support



  1. Theory and Practice for Introduction of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Neural Network Theory and Learning Principles | Understanding of major theories and learning principles
  3. Understanding the Development Environment | Comparing Platforms for Artificial Intelligence Development
  4. Basic Neural Network Learning | Neural Network Program Practice
  5. Deep Learning | Deep Learning Considerations
  6. Vision Model | Convolutional Neural Network, Image Classification, Recognition, and Cognitive Algorithm
  7. Linguistic Model | Recurrent Neural Network, Vec2Word Translation Algorithm
  8. Reinforcement Learning Model | Basic theory, Reinforce DeepQ Network A3C
  9. Unsupervised Learning | Basic theory, Autoencoder · GAN
  10. Latest Trend Review | Evolution of hardware and platform for deep learning, combining existing technology and deep learning
  11. Case Study | Introduce application cases by industry, discuss and present ideas for application





1 Day or 2 Days



On Demand

Training Venue
On Demand


Training Resource
  • Google Cloud
  • NVIDIA DX Station
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